opvintagejanuaryjones.png9-year-old January Jones in 1988 is our everything. The mullet. Oh, the mullet. [Dlisted; January Jones' instagram]

ICYMI: Here's Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake shutting it the F down on the Tonight show Friday with the history of rap part 5. [TheTonightShow]
Crucial short film about a squirrel pilot. Magic starts at 1:14. This should have been on the Oscars short list. [TastefullyOffensive]

One Direction's "Midnight Memories" redubbed with terrible, off key vocals = so good. [Tastefullyoffensive]

Save room for barackoli! [FYeahDementia]

`tumblr_n18kssSPbG1qzrlhgo1_500.pngI C U, Yankees. [TheClearlyDope]

XI3P.gifHAM. [Mlkshk]

tumblr_inline_mxnz57fyEm1r3l0mx.jpgWord. [FYeahDementia]