The Daily Show
did an amazing take down last night of anti-weed legalization news pundits, featuring a Bill O' Reilly segment that was more bizarre and hilarious than usual. According to O'Reilly, legalized marijuanais "literally" the equivalent of playing Russian roulette and has something to do with American teens being addicted to texting? Or something? It just gets better from there.[Uproxx]

What what! Parks and Recreation is FI-NALLY back this Thursday for its 100th episode! (Please don't let Amy Poehler's hints that the show could end this year be true!)  Here's a preview clip starring Jean Ralphio and his dad wearing matching jammies. [Cinemablend]
 WIRW.jpg Want. Need. Must own. Oh my god. [Mlkshk]

tumblr_myqg45YzkT1qzan69o1_1280.jpgOh lord, these are perfect. [Laughterkey]

whitehousetwitter.pngIntense. [Jezebel]

Sometimes dog kisses backfire. [DailyPicsandFlicks]

Let this super dramatic baby belting "Wrecking Ball" get you through your Wednesday. [Hypervocal]