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There was a whole lot of crapola on the red carpet this year but somehow we've managed to narrow it down to our Top 10 Fugliest Red Carpet Looks of 2013, with commentary from Paper's Mr. Mickey, Abby and Elizabeth. Enjoy.

6351552335306225005645150_53_EMMYS_20130922_AB_057.jpg(Photo by Andreas Branch/

10. Zosia Mamet at the Emmys

"Okay. I'm obsessed with the skirt but then it just got fugged up with the black bandeau, weird rubber-looking thing, and sheer collar. It seems like it could've been quite lovely without those extra things. Ugh. Fash-un." -- Abby

"The top half is just a jumble of bad, bad times. I don't understand. I also like the skirt, but Zosia is petit and it's so big it looks like it's just swallowing her alive. " -- Elizabeth

peopleschoice_sandrabullock.jpg9. Sandra Bullock at People's Choice Awards

" Her makeup looks fantastic and I actually like that her lips match her shoes but that's where my praise ends. Her outfit looks like she paired a formal top with a pin-striped pencil skirt left over from a business suit." -- Abby

"It's like a high-class call girl-turned-housewife hodge-podge. Nobody's got time for that." -- Mickey

6352096730965837503645814_29_AMA_20131124_DC_0230.jpg(Photo by David Crott/

8. TLC at the American Music Awards

"I'm so happy that TLC is back but these two need to fire their stylists pronto." -- Abby

"Agreed. I want to see them in some avant pants suits and cool gowns and shit. Then again, I kind of love them both for just wearing whatever absurdly ugly shit they want. If they want to stick to the Lycra rivers and the rhinestone lakes that they're used to, is that really so bad? -- Elizabeth

6351547809367162501645150_33_EMMYS_20130922_AB_061 2.jpg(Photo by Andreas Branch/

7. Amanda Peet at the Emmys

"Out of this world fuglyu. "F-U-G" writ large across the blue skies of Fugapolis. Maybe this would have worked if it didn't have the sleeves or the "accent" shower curtain from your first post-dorm college apartment over it, but who knows." -- Elizabeth

"I'm getting major Dowager Countess-meets-Hot Topic vibes and the ponytail just feels sloppy." -- Abby

Screen Shot 2013-12-23 at 11.48.40 AM.png6. Anne Hathaway at the Oscars

"I thought it felt like a much, much, much more expensive version of a prom dress you remembered seeing in She's All That. Pass." -- Abby

"I know that when you say mean things about Anne Hathaway, who is a truly talented actress and who deserves the Oscar she won this year, you really just sound like the dumpy mean girl from high school. Not everyone can pull off being a funny, gallumphing girls' girl the way Jennifer Lawrence can -- somebody needs to be the Anne Hathaway. And Anne Hathaway is very good at being the Anne Hathaway! But I hated this dress. I like the idea of this Prada apron-meets Jessica McClintock gown, but in the end it's just a big old bland bag of nothing. Also, we get it, you've got the best rack in the biz. Thank you for your nipples. You can go now."

Screen Shot 2013-12-23 at 11.50.47 AM.png(Photo by Andreas Branch/

5. Cat Deeley at the Emmys

"The cut-outs are weird and what is going on with the draping along her waist? Also, the black sequin dresses -- which I'm sure look great on the red carpet -- always look like they're made out of Hefty bags in photos." -- Abby

"If you stare at the top half of this dress long enough, it starts to look like a rabbit. Despite this, I still hate it." -- Elizabeth

Screen Shot 2013-12-23 at 11.43.20 AM.png4. Emma Watson at the Peoples' Choice Awards

"She's one brave woman wearing an outfit with all of those cut-outs near her décolletage. The cut of it also seems a little weirdly lumpy. I'm also really not crazy about her hair." -- Abby

"My eyes reject this dress. All I see are shapes and color blob things"-- Elizabeth

635034701355468750544055_55__NYC3298 2.jpg(Photo by Nicholas Hunt/

3. Beyoncé at the Met Ball

"I don't get this look. It seems like Bey refused to wear the actual top and insisted on wearing a boob tube." -- Mr. Mickey

"Yes, I'm not feeling her Givenchy dress at.all. The matching patterned boots and the elbow gloves jut make it look like she bought one of those Halloween costumes in a bag for Baroque bar maid or something and I agree with you Mickey that the top feels like some weird afterthought." -- Abby

Screen shot 2013-12-23 at 12.14.06 PM.png(Photo by Nicholas Hunt/
2. Rita Ora at the VMAs

"Though Rita Ora's hair and makeup looks amazing, her dress just looks like a feather duster. It's bananas and not in a good way." -- Abby

"The top half kiiiinda makes sense, but some tailoring or an entirely new top would help? I have no idea. The rest depresses me. The black sash looks like a weird cummerbund and the skirt looks like a muppet carcass." -- Elizabeth

6350347700551562502544055_25__NYC2186 2.jpg(Photo by Nicholas Hunt/

1. Kim Kardashian at The Met Ball

"She doesn't even look real. She looks like a cartoon character. I don't know what to say." -- Mr. Mickey

"Oof. Who thought it would be a good idea for her to wear matching gloves? She reminds me of a floral, maternitywear version of one of those morphsuits. It's pretty mind boggling." -- Abby