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Screen Shot 2013-12-06 at 5.26.55 PM.pngOur Favorite New Game of the Week: "Who Said It? Kanye or Your Creative Director?" So, so good. And hard! -- Abby Schreiber

Best Quote from Jessica Seinfeld's "Grub Street Diet": This quote about her husband: "[Jerry] likes overcooked and stale things." Who knew? [via nymag] -- A.S.

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Best Re-dressed: Keira Knightly re-wore her Chanel Haute Couture wedding dress to this week's SeriousFun Children's Network Gala in London. -- Maggie Dolan

Most Disappointing Brooklyn News of the Week: That Rough Trade would be suspending its concerts due to noise complaints from asshole North Williamsburg neighbors. Fuckin' yuppies! [via Gothamist] -- A.S.

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Best Celebrity Tweet During Last Night's Horrendous, But Enjoyable, Sound of Music Live: This one. Courtesy of Cameron Diaz. -- E.T.

Best Poorly-Behaved Dog: Sunny Obama, who knocked down a 2-year-old at a White House Christmas Party! Every family needs a bad dog, and Michelle handled the whole thing aces. --E.T.

Best Holiday Time-Waster:, which shows a live feed of adoptable cats in Christmas sweaters playing in wrapping paper from Long Island's North Shore Animal League shelter. It also features a drunk "saucy grandma" and a cute elf who engage in a lot of odd,  mildly flirtatious banter. It's so weird but so good. -- E.T.

Person-11A_PRF.jpgBest Meditation on the Art in Velvet Paintings: Collector Weekly's "Velvet Underdogs: In Praise of the Paintings the Art World Loves to Hate." -- E.T.