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It's Britney Spears' Birthday, bitch! In honor of this big day, we've compiled a list of Britney's top 5 collaborations with some of her industry friends. She might be a diva, but she isn't afraid to share the spotlight. And that's why she's the reigning Princess of Pop. Bow down.

1. This collaboration with the Ying Yang Twins is a southern joyride through the belly of her 2003 album In The Zone. Did you forget this happened? This is Miley before Miley!

2. Speaking of Miley, one of the bigger standout tracks from her album Bangerz is this duet with La Britney. "SMS" is a speedball of a song with a debt to "Cars that Go Boom" that has both Miley and Britney singing about Strutting Their Stuff. This is Britney paying it forward, passing the torch to Miley the way Madonna did for her.

3. The video for "Me Against The Music," Britney's 2003 duet with Madonna, features the supernova divas' best choreography ... ever.

4. This gem of a remix from Rihanna's "S&M" went straight to #1, with Britney's iconic cooing being the missing puzzle piece that this song needed. Britney talking about being gagged and bound literally makes us gag. Dirtyney! 

5. Finally, the blink-and-you-miss-it Justin Timberlake collabo off Britney's 2001 self-titled is the stuff of legend. That's Justin singing backup for Britney! Though Timberlake's not even credited, the song is an amazing throwback to simpler times. Sigh, the one that got away.