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Our resident mascot, fashion addict and sparkle queen, Mr. Mickey, has an eye for style. From bold, cruelty-free accessories to all sequined everything, his holiday wish list is full of fabulousness. Here he rounds up his top 10 holiday picks. 

Screen-shot-2013-12-17-at-11.02.11-AM.jpgRed K + S necklace. $940 via Moda Operandi.
I'm a sucker for bold accessories. This chunky red number by EK Thongprasert x Natasha Goldenberg will really pop when worn with a navy blue Lacoste polo!

Screen-shot-2013-12-17-at-11.19.12-AM.jpgGiacomo hooded bathrobe by Missoni. $333.00 via Amara.
If you've ever met me, you know I'm Missoni's bitch. Swapping this luxurious robe's hood for a matching turban is the only way to make it better. Just call me Norma Desmond!

img_5647_.jpgAshish x Colette sequined shopping bag. $467.91 via Colette.
Two of my favorites collaborated on this sparkle bag: Ashish, the London-based designer who loves sequins almost more than I do, and Colette, one of the coolest stores in the universe.

Screen-shot-2013-12-17-at-11.33.13-AM.jpgFinger Installation by Cecile zu Hohenlohe.
Price on request via Moss Bureau.
Inspired by her great-grandomother's jewelry box, including jewels that were melted in a fire at the family schloss in the '60s, aristocratic artist Cecile zu Hohenlohe brings together her family history, high-concept art and precious materials -- this one has pink and black tourmaline, pearl and 23k gold and silver! -- to create magical, thought-provoking pieces that are sparkly AND intellectual.


Screen-shot-2013-12-17-at-11.58.06-AM.jpgJudith Leiber Airstream Camo Clutch. $3995 via Neiman Marcus
I'm sure you'll be shocked that I love Judith Leiber bags. I mean, come on. They're legendary. I'd usually go for the tomato or Humpty Dumpty, but I'm loving this season's classic camo clutch. Keeping things a little classier!

Screen-shot-2013-12-17-at-12.00.25-PM.jpgGivenchy sweatshirt with sequined sleeves. Price on request via Ikram.
You might be thinking that a Givenchy sweatshirt is a bit butch for Mr. Mickey, but this baby is ladies and has sequined sleeves so it's really too good to resist.

Screen-shot-2013-12-17-at-12.04.20-PM.jpgStella McCartney Falabella backpack. $1390 via Saks Fifth Avenue
Sometimes being a cruelty-free fashion addict is a struggle, but I can always count on my girl Stella McCartney to serve up super fantabulous bags that are also cruelty-free. This heart-covered backpack is young, kicky and cute -- just the boost of adorableness my wardrobe needs this season.

Screen-shot-2013-12-17-at-12.19.53-PM.jpgSaucony Jazz Sneaker. $39.99 via
Keeping cruelty-free usually means my feet end up in a ladies plastic rain boot or a funky high tech sneaker, but I'm loving these old school Saucony sneakers. They are super affordable and give me flash backs to junior high school!

Screen-shot-2013-12-17-at-12.58.12-PM.jpgPeppercotton necklace. $646.81 via Colette.
Although I lack bow tie tying skills, this necklace makes me feel like I am wearing one without having the embarrassment of needing an intern to help tie it!

126090.jpgLenox Mickey Mouse figurine. $88.99 via Table and Home.
My name is Mickey so I do have a warm spot in my heart for Mickey Mouse. This figurine is adorable and will make my friends think of me whenever they look at it.