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It's a holiday miracle! Kristen Wiig made a cameo in SNL's amazing Sound of Music Live sketch this weekend as baby handed comedy icon, Dooneese!

Paul Rudd hosted SNL this weekend and One Direction was the musical guest. They made this excellent, swoon-tastic short together. [NBC]

Cats are nature's bouncers. Also, total a-holes. [Jezebel]

Speaking of bouncers, here's a video of a random dude plopping down outisde a club and taking people's IDs. #Fakebouncing is a meme we'd get behind.

Lord help us: Rebecca Black had made a follow-up to "Friday" called .....wait for it... "Saturday"

Someone made a really effing weird video to go with Jaden Smith's equally effing weird tweets, and it's glorious. [TasetefullyOffensive]
 LaFKSzL.jpgV. Cool, sexy Target. Is this Target single? [Reddit]
tumblr_mxehf3ZT3G1qb6t6wo1_500.jpgMonday motto. [JuliaSegal]