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SNL's "(Do It On My) Twin Bed" -- an ode to having awkward sex in your childhood bedroom while you're home for the holidays -- stole this weekend's show hosted by Jimmy Fallon.

Also a highlight from this weekend's SNL: This celebrity Family Feud sketch, in which Justin Timberlake plays Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Fallon does a crazy good impression of Jim Parsons. Also, surprise! He starts laughing.

Look what you did, you little jerk! Here's Home Alone performed by one guy. [TastefullyOffensive]

apfb.pngAubrey Plaza, FTW. [Uproxx]

gglegos.jpgPlease let Golden Girls Legos become a reality. [Jezebel]

Yule Goat! That's it, we're moving to Finland. [Digg

"All I Want For Christmas Is You," Chatroulette Version, is the best. Also, Chatroulette still exists? [TastefullyOffensive]