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Devendra Banhart just released a bizarrely awesome animated video for his new single "Taurobolium," off his latest album, Mala. Called "Mondo Taurobolium," the clip references the "Mondo" film sub-genre, an Italian term popularized in the '60s to describe exploitation documentaries that covered "taboo" subject matter like sex and death. In Banhart's version, directed by animator Galen Pehrson, we see two drugged-out ducks (voiced by the singer and Rose McGowan) who have bloodshot eyes and apathetic expressions and give despairing monologues throughout the course of the song (there's lots of lines like "I'm not free. No one is free" and "I don't believe in money. I don't believe in you"). The clip's pretty enthralling but Donald and Daisy, these ain't.

[via Nowness]