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Conan O'Brien went to the American Girl Store in L.A. and the results are amazing.  [TastefullyOffensive]

Here's a tender, tearful little clip from last night's Daily Show, in which Jon Stewart surprised parting correspondent John Oliver with a retrospective of his time on the show. Carlos Danger 4-ever. [Uproxx]

If Hollywood directors directed Christmas morning. Werner Herzog is our favorite. [TastefullyOffensive]

W7Y9.jpgVery Yuletide. So Seasons Greetings. Wow. [Mlkshk]

The cast of Anchorman 2 fought Jon Stewart on the Daily Show the other night and it was perfection.

"Where did it all go wrong?" -- Poodle horse. [Mlkshk]

W7FD.jpgCat parent of the year. [Mlkshk]