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Screen Shot 2013-12-16 at 12.39.11 PM.pngAfter what seems like a bajillion years, we finally have new deets on Angel Haze's debut release. The highly-anticipated album, titled Dirty Gold, will come out on March 3rd via Island Records but in the meantime, Haze has shared a new cut of her track "A Tribe Called Red," an earlier version of which leaked back in July. The song, which takes its name from the Canadian production trio who created the track with Haze (and who we first discovered through our cool Toronto-based friends, Sidewalk Hustle, when they were featured in No Sleep Til...) is a whirlwind -- Haze's signature spitfire rhythm overlays a mix of glitchy electronica, chanting and peripatetic trap-style drumbeats.

But though the rapid tempo and hard beats make this a song you could expect to hear out at a party, "A Tribe Called Red" also features some of the same reflective, confessional moments found on songs like "Cleaning Out My Closet." The beginning of the track finds the rapper discussing her decision not to bring up issues of race or ethnicity in her music ("I don't identify with that shit. My identity is the music") while Native American-style chanting can be heard in the background. The instrumental choice is both compelling and contradictory -- the rapper and her producing partners all share Native American roots -- and continues to reinforce the idea that the only person who's allowed to define Haze is herself. It's a great track and worth a listen to below.