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SNL's Guy Fieri Chrismas special sketch is a hilarious and perfect deep-fried, 7-layer hellscape starring Bret Michaels, Kid Rock and Vern Troyer. Please, Food Network, we beg you to never make this a reality.

SNL also knocked it out of the park with this rap spoof of some of H&M's more random sale items and store features, including neon-colored too-small jeans and clothes on the floor.

tumblr_mxo14knn8L1r1oip7o1_500.jpg Jesus is ready to take things to the next level, you guys!! [FYouNoFMe]

Here's an awesome montage of a guy crashing other people's phone conversations at the airport. [Reddit]

We are all this newscaster who can't wait to go home. [Reddit]
 tumblr_mxrdlxeuI91ruw1vso1_1280.jpgInfographic of the year. [Digg]