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Jimmy Kimmel hooked two feuding brothers up to a fake lie detector to see who should go on Santa's naughty list and who should go on the nice list and the whole thing was pretty adorable. Team Sammy.

Mark Ruffalo was on the Graham Norton Show and told an amazing story about accidentally smoking a joint on stage while he was doing a play. So good. [Gawker]

miafarrowSOML.pngMia Farrow wins best celebrity tweet during the hellscape that was last night's "Sound of Music Live."

tumblr_mxd4r4oEJa1qz4cuyo1_1280.jpgA Breaking Bad snow globe with blue meth snowflakes! Just found everyone's holiday gift for this year. [LaughingSquid]

goatssweaters.pngThis is the real shit. [TastefullyOffensive]

Bad Dad vine compilation part 5!tumblr_mxce30XbDa1qewacoo1_500.jpg
Merry Christmas, kids! [TastefullyOffensive]

tumblr_mxcrgiSwjl1rqr9fgo1_1280.jpgUm, tune in *immediately* to, a live feed of cats playing in wrapping paper and hanging out in Christmas sweaters. Our world is rocked. [H/T LaughterKey.]