Good morning! Here's a video of Justin Bieber getting hit in the face with a water bottle while performing in São Paulo last night. This is good for Justin. It's character-building. Just like a summer job at the local ice cream shop. [Reddit]

SNL addressed recent headlines about their lack of black female cast members in their cold open on this weekend's episode, having host Kerry Washington scramble to make costume changes to play famous black women. Al Sharpton makes a cameo, too. Also, how effing good was Kerry Washington? Best host so far this season. Sorry, Edward Norton. [Jezebel]

Harrison Ford pierced Jimmy Fallon's ear on television the other night and it was so gross and made us love Harrison's crotchety old-guy-with-an-incongruous-earring ass even more.

V9IR.jpgThere's going to be so many Craigslist missed connections for this person today. [Mlkshk]

FYI, Tyler got a new bowl cut! [TheClearlyDope]
 stuffthings.jpgShop there for shopping. [FYeahDementia]

V9J6.jpgThanks for keeping print alive, Satan. [Mlkshk]

Here's a video of a cow giving a bewildered dog a tender face bath. [DPAF]
tumblr_mvi3kjfeJG1s3yunpo1_1280.jpgFor the powder room. [LaughterKey]

tumblr_mdpvytBeX11qzgh25o1_r1_500.jpgHello, cakes. [Ratsoff]