"We've never done it like this before," P-Thugg of Chromeo said last night at the opening of their The White Room installation project at Milk Studios with Snarkitecture and Tumblr IRL in promotion of their new album White Women. "We just wanted to give something to everyone, not just VIPs, but the people that have been supporting us for almost ten years," Chromeo's Dave 1 said. "We wanted to take them on a different experience seeing us then what they are use to." 

And their fans showed up. By 6:30pm there was a line around the block of first-come, first-serve RSVPers waiting for the doors to open at 7:00pm. Once inside you were directed by women in white around the back, through the loading dock and into the Milk Gallery space where Brooklyn-based art-meets-architecture duo, Snarkitecture, had created an installation inspired by the album. "There is always a sense of humor about their music," Alex Mustonen of Snarkitecture said. "Which is good for us because our world is about play and creating something unexpected and memorable. This collaboration was about creating a playground for them and the music."  

Walking into the space you were simultaneously hit with White Women's sound on repeat while looking at a Firebird car, its trunk over flowing with keyboards and guitars, crashed into a styrofoam rock wall -- all white-washed, of course. The installation and music were fine in themselves, but the real success was the collaboration and the democratization of the experience. Bringing two worlds together and creating an original experience for the public to access and enjoy. 

"This is the new wave," Theophilus London, who came out along with Dave 1's producer brother A-Track, DJ Mia Moretti and the Public School designers, Dao-Yi Chow and Maxwell Osborne. "Music artists collaborating with other types of artists. It's bringing back that golden era that New York once had, and it's so cool that these guys are doing this." 

The White Room is open to the public until 6pm today at Milk Studios, but exists on the Internet with Tumblr IRL forever.