Our favorite Kid Rock-loving, hardcore-listening rapper, Antwon, has a new video for his single, "Dying in the Pussy." The lyrics might be explicitly about the pussy ("Kegels working for your pussy, girl / 'Cause the pussy getting softer") but the footage is definitely heavy on the dying. Directed by Cali Dewitt, the clip features Antwon and Andre Martel blindfolded and tied up in front of a green screen while shots of fires, buildings getting demolished, a train crash and bombs play in the background. Additional vibes come courtesy of two chicks, one of whom is in a unitard and might be the girl from VFILES' LisaTV, slowly swaying and dancing with a gun. We won't spoil the ending but Antwon and his compatriot's lyrics end up being, uh, fairly literal.

You can catch Antwon live next month when he goes on tour with Le1f, Lakutis and White Lung. He'll play Santos Party House on 9/27 and you can scope the rest of his dates HERE.