paper's summer film guide
film_octavia.jpgOctavia On High: Catching up with the Fruitvale Station actress.

film_rockdoc.jpgRock Docs: Get a backstage pass to some of the finest moments in musical history, courtesy of these three docs out this summer.

reviews_jamesmarsh.jpgReviews: Find out what PAPER's resident Film Critic Dennis Dermody thinks of I'm So Excited, Shadow Dancer and You're Next

davidgordongreen.jpgDavid Gordon Green Hits the Road: Chatting with the director about his new film, Prince Avalanche.

film_ramimalek.jpgGet to Know Actor Rami Malek: The actor appears in two of this summer's most interesting indie flicks.

film_imsoexcited.jpgIn-Flight Movies: In honor of Pedro Almodóvar's I'm So Excited, we've rounded up of our other favorite films set on airplanes.

film_debimazar.jpgDebi Mazar's Porn Debut: Chatting with the actress about her turn in Lovelace.

film_terror.jpgTales of Terror: Dennis Dermody's five favorite anthology horror films of all time.
film_netlifx.gifHome Improvement: Why drop $15 on a movie, when you can watch its predecessor on Netflix instead?

film_drinkingbuddies.jpgDrinking Buddies Drinking Game: Director Joe Swanberg's rules to keep up -- and drink up -- with Drinking Buddies stars Olivia Wilde and Jake Johnson.