How was it possible that the Internet was sleeping and missed this four-minute clip uploaded to Youtube in 2010 (2010!) that shows Kanye West doing horrible improv in an unaired pilot for HBO? Back then, 'Ye was making more modest comparisons -- before he was going around saying "I am a God," he was telling reporters that he was the "black Larry David." We kinda like that. [via Laugher Key]

tumblr_mpy28tPk3O1sanux8o1_500.jpgDon't you just wish John Goodman was your uncle? [via Rrrick]

ICYMI: This parody for Miley Cyrus' ridiculous "We Can't Stop" video is so, so good. Prop for calling out the product placements (like those "tampon-shaped" Beats by Dre speakers), the other-the-top humping and the general what the eff-ness. [via HuffPo Comedy]

tumblr_mptz03dKd41s2yegdo1_400.gifWHAT IS GOING ON HERE? [via Bunny Food]

Screen shot 2013-07-15 at 6.36.24 PM.png"The saddest margarine ever" likes to listen to James Blake in its bedroom while gently weeping into a crochet pillow. [via HuffPo Comedy]

tumblr_mpzhq0cI2s1qf5do9o1_500.gifWe've had recurring nightmares in which Honey Boo Boo chases us through the chips and soda aisle in the grocery store. Ahhhh! [via The Clearly Dope]

Watch Carly Rae Jepsen throw the world's worst opening pitch at a Rays-Astro baseball game. [via Dlisted]

tumblr_mpfc4wHxgI1stzmhfo1_500.jpgAre you gonna go to Catnipz' DJ night? I think he goes on at midnight. I might go. I don't know, I'm a little tired. Whatever. [via Bunny Food]

Actors Riding In Elevators: A Super Cut. They sure spend a lot of time in there. [via Tastefully Offensive]

tumblr_mp3c0uPh8f1qzwhb0o1_r1_400.gifTuesday vibes are brought to you by $wag Nana. [via F Yeah Dementia]