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Highlights from the World's Ugliest Dog Fair this weekend in California. We STRONGLY disagree with the winner and think the kangaroo dinosaur with a mullet should have won, but so it goes. [TastefullyOffensive]

Here's a video of a field reporter dropping not one but two f-bombs live on the air during a news segment about strawberry picking. The anchor in the studio's reaction is perfect. [DPF]

Welcome to the nightmare factory: YouTuber IzacLess has a series called "Face Folding Films," in which he takes scenes from various films and folds the actors' faces in half. Good luck sleeping tonight. [DailyDot]

tumblr_mov3sf0kim1qz8vumo1_500.jpgExcellence in Mad Men synopsis writing. [PopCultureBrain]

snoopsteak.jpg1 Snoop, 1 giant-ass steak. [Pizzzatime]

And, finally, your Monday morning pick-me-up: A compilation of cats who aren't afraid of vacuum cleaners. Cats riding on Roombas = always funny. [TastefullyOffensive]