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In what might be the most genius use of Vine to date, LOGOtv is rolling out a daytime soap, "The Vines of Sauvignon Blanc," on the micro-video platform. The cast includes Sue Galloway from 30 Rock, Stephen Guarino from Happy Endings and Reichen Lemkuhl from Amazing Race and tragic reality TV series The A-List: New York. The first five episodes are posted above and the remaining 17 episodes will premiere at 1pm every weekday. But let's get to the real heart of the matter: the drama. The mini-series follows Luke Eleganza, owner of "Eleganza Winery," who just found out he has two minutes and six seconds to live. Luke has an evil twin brother who stands to inherit his vineyards and needs to find a husband/heir before his brother RUINS IT ALL. It's campy, to-the-point and brilliant. Watch above while we start production on the original PAPERMAG Vine soap opera Bushwick Manor: The Fierce and the Flatulent.