Every Memorial Day weekend Vienna becomes the gay capital of the universe thanks to legendary AIDS fundraiser Life Ball. The festivities draw hordes of fashion freaks, club kids, VIPs, do-gooders and all-around fabulous freaks to Austria's imperial capital. Austrian Airlines brings a plane-load of New York's craziest for the festivities, and our design director, Andrea Fella snagged herself a seat aboard this party in the sky. Here's what she saw.
 lb1_yasmine petty.JPG
Yasmine Petty arrives at the gate in her casual day look.

lb2.JPGHow do you take those off for security?

lb3_Michael Magnan and Juliana Huxtable.JPGMichael Magnan and Juliana Huxtable chatting pre-flight.

lb4_vicky vox.JPGVicky Vox in an alluring head scarf.

lb5.JPGColor-coordinated chaos.

lb6_joey arias.JPGCoffee, tea or Joey Arias?

lb7sharon needles.JPGSharon Needles powers down all electronic devices.

lb9mother trace mizrahi and?.JPGMother Trace Mizrahi and friend compare notes. And by notes, we mean boobs.

lb11_adam lambert.JPGAdam Lambert mixes and mingles.

lb14.JPGTrying to sleep. (Need that Mizrahi Mania jacket, stat.)

lb19a.JPGTime to paint that face.

lb20_vicky vox, william belli, detox.JPGVicky Wox, William Bell and Detox prepare to land.


lb22.JPGLipstick tattoo?

lb23.JPGDay-glo burka.

lb24.JPGShe likes bold accessories.

lb25.JPGWelcome to Vienna!

lb27.JPGNuns on the run.

lb30.JPGRainblo, Joey Arias and a mysterious masked man.