Is there anything more jet-set fabulous than a chicly turned-out flight attendant? In honor of Pedro Almodóvar's new ultra-gay romp I'm So Excited, which takes place on a Madrid to Mexico City flight and features some fabulous flight attendant fashion, we've rounded up our favorite moments of In-flight Service Coordinator cuteness from a cavalcade of international carriers through the years. So please fasten your seat belts, stow your carry-ons and prepare yourself for a runway show at 37,000 feet.

Braniff_C7.jpg1965 -- Pucci X Braniff airlines 
If the most talented film maker and costume designer got together, took drugs and made a movie about the most amazingly glamorous outer space flight attendants, this is what it would look like. Divine! [Photo via]

Screen shot 2013-06-11 at 6.06.13 PM.pngc. 1960s -- Hawaiian Airlines
Hawaii never looked so hip! The white knee-high boots, nude hose and cropped denim jacket are everything we've ever wanted and more. [Photo via]

fc690fd83cca0b8d56bd3ce0b8c95559.jpgc. 1960s -- Oleg Cassini X Air West
Very superhero. Love it. [Photo via]

60003c20ee07ed2206ec5acff25fefbe.jpg1968 -- Balenciaga X Air France
Balenciaga air hostesses. Could anything be more chic? [Photo via]

1969 -- Olympic Airlines Uniform by Pierre Cardin
Pierre Cardin was the go-to man for futuristic fabulous in the '60s and this look for Olympic Airways makes us wish we were stewardesses right now! [Photo via]

c. 1960s -- American Airlines.
This American Airlines look is very X-Girl, in that very utilitarian, very chic French sportswear meets the Parent Trap kind of way. [Photo via]

Screen shot 2013-06-12 at 1.37.58 PM.png
c. 1960s -- Pierre Cardin for Pakistan International Air.
This is what international jet set travel glamour looks like. [Photo via]

alaska628x471.jpgc. 1970 -- Alaska Airlines' "Golden Samovar" Uniforms 
In case the in-flight crew wants to break into a performance of Dr. Zhivago: The Musical. Remember, Alaska is Russia's next door neighbor! [Photo via]

747a6f314495eba5bbfcf92d22ef2ec3.jpgc. 1970s -- Hughes Airwest.
We can't tell if these ladies are flight attendants, celebrity spokesmodels, or high-end call girls and we like it! [Photo via]

ds_qantas_gal1-20120531064035686049-600x400.jpg1974 -- Pucci X Qantas
This looks like the opening segment of a scandalous soap opera about wild airline employees. Who wouldn't tune in? [Photo via]

f61c0a463cb491a8915fd999890a4f41.jpg1980 -- Adolfo X Pan Am
Adolfo was a favorite designer of Nancy Reagan and his looks for Pan Am were very cold and bitchy, which is another way to say glamorous and chic! [Photo via]

551933_492721320738369_547940694_n.jpgc. 1980s -- Monarch Air 
One word for this Monarch Air look: Prada. [Photo via]

Emirates-1.jpgc. 2000s Emirates Airlines
Super-classic suit looks with jaunty headgear cannot be beat! [Photo via]

0c7dc9bd0f57c7cd0ec26825d470f815.jpgc. 2002 -- Gulf Air.
This proves that you can work a simple dark suit look and one pop of color really has impact. [Photo via]

INTRO_PIC.jpg2013 -- TAAG Angola.
These kids look sporty and fresh! Next stop Luanda! [Photo via]

Screen shot 2013-06-12 at 1.33.07 PM.png2013 -- Proflight Zambia
This look is also very X-Girl: clean, lean, utilitarian. Excellence. [Photo via]

malaysian4iu0.jpg2013 -- Malaysian Airlines
We can't tell if we're on a plane or in the most over-the-top Asian fusion supper club in Las Vegas. A huge compliment, in our book. [Photo via]

Check out the trailer for I'm So Excited below: