tumblr_mmhfenfWwJ1qz8vumo1_500.jpg1.  There's a real live Bluth Banana Stand going on tour in the weeks leading up to the Arrested Development premiere on May 26th. Right now it's in England, but it will be coming to NYC and LA! [via @arresteddev]

Screen-shot-2013-05-07-at-4.54.40-PM.png2.  17-year-old Jennie Lamare developed a program that blocks Tweets about your favorite shows when you don't want to see any spoilers. Any Tweets that mention the show's name or character names will automatically appear blank. We can't wait till this is available to the public. [via Upprox]

3.  Stephen Colbert asked Pulitzer prize-winning author Robert Caro, who wrote a lengthy biography on President Lyndon B. Johnson, what Johnson called his penis. Apparently President Johnson called his penis "Jumbo." [via NPR]

paletas.jpg4.  Momofuku Milk Bar and La Newyorkina are apparently collaborating to make paletas, the Latin American ice pops made with fresh fruit. Now we know what we'll be eating every afternoon of the summer. [via Zagat]

5.  Secret Project Robot will have a new space opening up in Bushwick. Called "HappyFun Hideaway" (pictured above), it'll be a smaller gallery on Myrtle Avenue that features small art work and a full bar. [via DNA Info]

BBQ-Blowout-Poster-Print-e1366902258302.jpg6.  Finger on the Pulse's annual BBQ Blowout will be on May 14th at Good Co. They'll be serving up "Marrakesh Lamb Skewers" so we will obviously be there. You can buy tickets here.

7.  The Breeders -- who did an awesome photo diary of life on tour for us -- gave a great performance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last night.