Screen shot 2013-03-01 at 3.08.51 PM.png Actress with the Prettiest Trip-Inducing Gown at the Oscars: Jennifer Lawrence

falldown.gifSpeaking of which, Prettiest Trip at the Oscars: Jennifer Lawrence

xqfTclB.gifCutest chivalrous race to help Jennifer Lawrence up: Bradley Cooper v. Hugh Jackman. SWOON CITY.

Best Oscars Press Conference: Jennifer Lawrence

reg_634.jenniferlawrence.finger.jc.oscars.jpegRudest Oscars 'Tude: Jennifer Lawrence.

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Best Lindsay Lohan Hidden Identity: Jennifer Lawrence 
tumblr_miuq82DJUp1qbnazvo2_250.gifActress with the Best Description of Mario Lopez Using a Bad Word (Which He Probably Deserved): Jennifer Lawrence

Best Reaction to Meeting Jack Nicholson For the First Time: Jennifer Lawrence

missdiojlaw.jpgBest Reaction to Being Photoshopped: Jennifer Lawrence. She said of her campaign photo, "That doesn't look like me at all. I love Photoshop more than anything in the world. Of course it's Photoshop, people don't look like that."

Screen shot 2013-03-01 at 4.32.22 PM.pngBest Good-Vibes Joint Smoker: Jennifer Lawrence. J-Law parties serious, y'all.