guysamericankitchen.pngThis is what happens when a famous TV food personality like Guy Fieri doesn't buy the domain to his hilarious joke of a Times Square restaurant: Behold, this parody menu posted on The description for "Guy's Big Balls" is poetry. [FastCompany]

missedconnectionsusa.jpgThe 50 states of missed connections. (Click to enlarge.) Whole lotta love at Walmart. And people in Indiana are having missed connections at home? What? (Also, as an Arizona native, I'm relieved to see my state's biggest singles hotspot isn't "Gun Convention for Racist Meth Addicts." AZ is full of surprises!)  [Psychology Today via Buzzfeed]

yTbIsnZ.jpgShout out to all the adequate moms. [Reddit]

Andy Samberg made out with a bald eagle on Conan last night.
tumblr_mihpkqa2xe1qewacoo1_500.pngJames Blunt might be responsible for the cheese-pop monstrosity "You're Beautiful" and have the Twitter handle @DirtyLilBlunt, but this is pretty awesome. [TastefullyOffensive]

OJMW.jpgPapermag book club? [Mlkshk]

tumblr_mial16bCqV1r00ytzo1_1280.jpgSlothphin knows how to party serious. [LaughterKey]

azizoparentskanye.jpgAziz Ansari, his parents and Kanye West. [Vulture]

tumblr_migkbn4HRE1qzccddo1_500.jpgSammy Davis Jr. with a Delorean. Have a great Wednesday. [Pizzzatime]