christinatosi_offduty.jpgEach week in our Off Duty series, we'll talk to some of our favorite chefs and industry folk around the country to find out their secret late-night spots where they like to grab a bite and a pint when their kitchens are finally closed. Next up: Christina Tosi, chef/owner of Momofuku Milk Bar and the inventor of that wondrous creation known as cereal milk soft serve.

What's your favorite joint to grab a bite late at night after your kitchen's closed?

Brooklyn Star.

What's their specialty?

Southern Charm.

What is your favorite item to order there?

Depends on my mood/hunger level/bravery. It's always a toss up between the meatloaf sandwich, country fried steak or a made-at-your-seat pile of cornbread with bacon and jalapeƱos, topped with honey butter, topped with an order of mac and cheese topped with an order of brussels sprouts.

tumblr_m6wg2o7AId1r9sbxs.jpgHow did you discover this place?

Quino Baca, the chef/owner has been a "family member" since he took me in under his wing at Momofuku many, many moons ago (he helped Dave [Chang] open the original Momofuku).

Any crazy stories from late nights spent there?

Let's just say true Southern Hospitality most always comes with long pours of brown alcohol, emotional over-sharing and swaying to loud country music.

Brooklyn Star, 593 Lorimer St., Brooklyn, NY; Mon-Fri, 5pm-2am, Sat-Sun, noon-4pm, 6pm-2am

Photo of Christina Tosi by Daniel Krieger

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