We saw This Is 40 over the holidays and, even though Judd Apatow could've ended the movie 27 minutes before he did, it was still pretty great. One of our favorite subplots by far was the quasi-romance between Sadie and her Bieber 1.0-esque classmate Joseph (played by Maude Apatow -- daughter of Judd and Leslie Mann -- and Ryan Lee, respectively) and we could've used a little bit more of them and a little bit less of Albert Brooks and John Lithgow playing Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann's respective well-meaning but crappy fathers (though Lost In America is still one of our all-time favorite movies). Fortunately, Funny Or Die posted this deleted scene from This Is 40 featuring the star-crossed tweens video chatting about the Kardashian sisters. You should watch it because Maude's impressions of Khloe, Kourtney and Kim (especially Khloe) are pitch-perfect -- down to their nasally whining and liberal use of 'creaking voice.'

If E! ever needs to hire someone to dub over a KUWTK episode, Maude's apparently your girl.