Rating the red carpet with Mr. Mickey and that One Girl Who Works on the Website

We always love the Golden Globes because it means you can gawk at your favorite movie and TV stars (not to mention the fact that the open bar often leads to more than one totally insane moment) and this year's awards were no exception. Whether from the big screen or the small, this year's crop of nominees and their fashion choices left us with much to talk about. Find out below whom we thought looked "confident and cuddly" and who looked like "Tron goes black tie."

clairedanes_globes13.jpgPhoto by Ð ANDREAS BRANCH/
Claire Danes

"Holy crap! All I can think of is how did this woman just have a baby less than a month ago? She looks smoking! The coral-red color complements her skin and the cut of the dress is elegant and flattering. Win-win." -- Abby

"I agree. Claire Danes really is a runway superstar. She always picks something bold and graphic and this looks pretty stellar. I love the 'just had sex' hair and heavy mascara. -- Mickey

kellyosbourne_globes13.jpgPhoto by Ð ANDREAS BRANCH/
Kelly Osbourne

"While I think it's pretty cool that a lot of actresses skipped the spray tans and went au naturel this year, I don't think this creamy, beige-y, sea foam green shade is that flattering with Kelly's fair skin. And, with the purple hair, it just makes me think of an anemone. That said, the dress is flattering and, it's worth noting, that Kelly's hair style was THE style of the night -- the deep side part and loose, 1940s-style curls were all over the place." -- Abby

"Love Kelly Osbourne and she always looks adorable. This dress is a teensy bit heavy on the architectural detailing for my tastes but it certainly says FANCYPANTS." -- Mickey

haydenpanettiere_globes13.jpgPhoto by Ð ANDREAS BRANCH/
Hayden Panettiere

"I love Hayden's simple and classic looks she's been working lately. I'm not a fan of strapless but Hayden is in great shape and the dress fits like a glove!" -- Mickey

"I disagree. To quote Rita Wilson in the season premiere of Girls -- which I watched last night while taking a break from the Globes -- "Hayden, you look like you're thirty."  The dress is gorgeous but the simple jewels and hair are almost too tasteful for me. She's, what, 22? She can take some more risks and spice it up!" -- Abby

nicolerichie_globes13.jpgPhoto by Ð ANDREAS BRANCH/
Nicole Richie

"I don't really know why Nicole Richie was at the Golden Globes but her dress is absolutely stunning. I've also never seen anyone make pastel blue eye shadow look this good." -- Abby

"Love the hair and makeup. Very old Hollywood and adorable. She looks like a movie star." -- Mickey

jenniferlawrence_globes13.jpgJennifer Lawrence

"Jennifer's Raf Simons for Dior gown looks fantastic -- especially the coral color. -- Abby

"I love that Jennifer is shaping up to be a fashion star. It's great she chose Dior although I'd love for it not to be strapless. Okay so I have a hang-up about strapless, so sue me!" -- Mickey

lenadunham_globes13.jpgPhoto by Ð ANDREAS BRANCH/
Lena Dunham

"This is tough. I love Lena Dunham and I love that Zac Posen -- who, by the way, used to babysit her -- made her dress but unfortunately I'm really not feeling it. The draping feels right out of some futuristic, robot-themed movie like Bladerunner or something and I think the billowing skirt is not particularly flattering. That said, fuck it, because she won! Twice!" -- Abby
"I disagree. I think this is the best Lena's ever looked at a red carpet scenario. Personally I'd put her in something a tiny bit more easy-breezy but it's fun that she's wearing Zac Posen. The short hair is great." -- Mickey

leodicaprio_globes13.jpgPhoto by Ð ANDREAS BRANCH/
Leonardo DiCaprio

"Leo looks so sharp that you could get a papercut just by standing near him." -- Abby

"Yowza. Move over George Clooney. Sexy. Yum." -- Mickey

amypoehlerglobes13.jpgPhoto by Ð ANDREAS BRANCH/
Amy Poehler

"Rock on, Amy, for going with a pantsuit and a deep plunging blazer! That said, I'm not crazy about the capri length -- it feels dowdy -- and the shoes remind me of the Nina brand high heels I wore to a Christmas dance in the tenth grade. Other than that, the hair and make-up look fantastic." -- Abby

"Love, love, love. It's fun and kicky and still red carpet." -- Mickey

tinafey_globes13.jpgPhoto by Ð ANDREAS BRANCH/
Tina Fey

"More deep side-part and 1940s waves! Tina looks great and I like that she's departing from her usual updo and princess-shaped, floor-length gown. I don't usually care for ankle-length hems but in this case, I'll make an exception. A hit, in my book." -- Abby

"I agree -- I think this is the best Tina's looked in a dog's age. The dress is still her 50s style but not awkward or old looking. Adorable!" -- Mickey

annehathaway_globes13.jpgPhoto by Ð ANDREAS BRANCH/
Anne Hathaway

"Anne Hathaway's skin looks radiant but I'm not overly jazzed about her gown. Pure white is a hard color to pull off and Anne should have left behind the color at the altar." -- Abby

"I think Anne looks like a major movie star. Although I agree that white dresses are hard to pull off, she looks diving and confident and cuddly!" -- Mickey

adele_globes13.jpgPhoto by Ð ANDREAS BRANCH/

"I'd love a side part on the hair so we see less forehead but generally I think Adele looks good." -- Mickey

"I can't stop staring at Adele's fiery-red talons but otherwise, her Burberry dress is lovely and flattering. I'm getting a little sick of always seeing her in that teased updo, however." -- Abby

amandaseyfried_globes13.jpgPhoto by Ð ANDREAS BRANCH/
Amanda Seyfried

"From the waist-down, Amanda's gown looks like an elegant wedding dress but I'm not gagging over the cut-outs and the little gold tie-clip-looking thing." -- Abby

"Is Amanda Seyfried declaring herself a fashion big-shot by wearing Givenchy Couture? I think so. It's very fashion and she looks amazing. I normally like special occasion hair but her wearing her hair in a sort of daytime style looks fresh to me." -- Mickey

mayimbialik_globes13.jpgPhoto by Ð ANDREAS BRANCH/
Mayim Bialik

"I think Mayim looks great. The sheer sleeves area always a little dubious to me -- they remind me of something Hillary Clinton would've worn to one of Bill's inaugurations -- but I think Mayim pulls it all off. The very slight pink-y lip color is pretty, too." -- Abby

"I think Mayim looks great. It's covered up but with some sexy sheerness. She looks together and fun without being super fashion-y and trying too hard." -- Mickey

arielwinter_globes13.jpgPhoto by Ð ANDREAS BRANCH/
Ariel Winter

"The Modern Family actress looks very pretty and age appropriate, if a tad more casual. I really like her headband, too." -- Abby

"Adorable. Young. Fun." -- Mickey

amyadams_globes13.jpgPhoto by Ð ANDREAS BRANCH/
Amy Adams

"The dress is beautiful but practically makes Amy disappear, what with the nude tone and Amy's porcelain skin. Also, the exaggerated skirt makes the whole look remind me a bit of a badminton birdie." -- Abby

"I'm worried Amy's boobies are gonna pop out any second and although this dress is VERY editorial I feel like the bottom has a little too much volume for a person to wear in any situation other than a photo shoot." -- Mickey

rachelweisz_danielcraig_globes13.jpgPhoto by Ð ANDREAS BRANCH/
Rachel Weisz and Daniel Craig

"Daniel Craig looks very dashing and Rachel Weisz looks flawless...head-up. Her gown reminds me of a bat mitzvah dress that's been refurbished with all of Melanie Griffith's hosiery from Working Girl." -- Abby

"Daniel is the sexiest man in showbiz. Rachel is gorgeous although I'm not 100% sold on the dress's sheer bottom. I also love Nene Leakes in the background. Hey girl!" -- Mickey

emilymortimer_globes13.jpgPhoto by Ð ANDREAS BRANCH/
Emily Mortimer

"Emily Mortimer is such a great actress so it's a shame that this dress makes her look like Tron goes black tie. Also, I don't know if it was the wind -- or heat -- but her hair and make-up look pretty dismal, too." -- Abby

"This look says 'I'm a really super talented actress but I can still throw on a sparkle dress for an awards show." -- Mickey

julia_louisdreyfus_globes13.jpgPhoto by Ð ANDREAS BRANCH/
Julia Louis-Dreyfus

"This look feels a little Delia's prom catalog to me -- especially with the belt." -- Abby

"This is a bit ball gown but I think Julia looks gorgeous and chic." -- Mickey

zooeydeschanel_globes13.jpgPhoto by Ð ANDREAS BRANCH/
Zooey Deschanel

"Zooey looks great but the whole time she was on the red carpet, I kept wanting to find out what was painted on her nails." -- Abby

"Zooey is adorable and stuff but this dress looks very off the rack and a snooze."-- Mickey

debramessing_globes13.jpgPhoto by Ð ANDREAS BRANCH/
Debra Messing

"Okay, this picture is a little weird and I'm confused at what we're seeing -- is that just the light, I assume, shining through Debra's dress or is there some sort of funky cut-out happening? That aside, the gown just feels so bulky to me. I'm not crazy about it." -- Abby

"There's a LOT going on here and I'm honestly not even interested in figuring out what it is." -- Mickey

nicolekidman_globes13.jpgPhoto by Ð ANDREAS BRANCH/
Nicole Kidman

"At first I thought the corsetry was weird but ultimately Nicole's dress really grew on me throughout the course of the night. I like that she took a risk and she always looks great in those column silhouettes. It was definitely one of the more adventurous styles seen on the red carpet." -- Abby

"Not my favorite look Nicole has done but she's never ever boring on the red carpet so she gets points for that. It's also nice that her face is semi-normal again." -- Mickey

bradleycooper_globes13.jpgPhoto by Ð ANDREAS BRANCH/
Bradley Cooper

"He looks very dapper but if I were his agent, I'd have told him to get a hair cut." -- Abby

"Bradley looks nice but I think he could push it a little and look super hot." -- Mickey

michelledockery_globes13.jpgPhoto by Ð ANDREAS BRANCH/
Michelle Dockery

"Michelle's dress was actually one of my favorite looks of the night. The silhouette is so elegant and the gold filigreed neckline keeps the looks from being boring. It's different and probably not everyone approved but that's exactly why I like it." -- Abby

"I disagree. Maybe it's a personal hang-up but this silhouette doesn't speak to me at ALL. It's like a full-length ice-skating costume." -- Mickey

naomiwatts_globes13.jpgPhoto by Ð ANDREAS BRANCH/
Naomi Watts

"Naomi Watts is right on-trend with her oxblood gown but I'm still getting matronly vibes from it -- maybe it's the fabric." -- Abby

"Chic and glamorous but a little safe." -- Mickey

taylorswift_globes13.jpgPhoto by Ð ANDREAS BRANCH/
Taylor Swift

"Overall Taylor looks beautiful but I'm not a big fan of the spaghetti straps -- it feels a little late-nineties to me and fashion doesn't seem quite ready to reference that period's still stuck somewhere around 1995." -- Abby

"I'm finally starting to love Taylor Swift. Yes, I'm right on top of the music trends. I think she looks young and adorable and glamorous." -- Mickey

meganfox_globes13.jpgPhoto by Ð ANDREAS BRANCH/
Megan Fox

"Not surprisingly, Megan Fox looks beautiful. In other news, the sky is blue. (Also, it's interesting to see that she's definitely removing her Marilyn Monroe tattoo -- you can see the faded outlines on her arm.)" -- Abby

"Really the strapless thing has GOT to stop! Megan is gorgeous but I find this look very boring considering she would look hot in just about anything." -- Mickey

kerrywashington_globes13.jpgPhoto by Ð ANDREAS BRANCH/
Kerry Washington

"Kerry is beautiful but I'm deeply ambivalent about her bangs. That said, the gown was a knock-out: it's flattering but also very interesting with the not quite to-the-floor length, rhinestones, and crewneck neckline." -- Abby

"I think Kerry look super fashion-y and I love the bangs. This looks effortless and makes the girls in strapless gowns look tired and dated." -- Mickey

jlo_globes13.jpgPhoto by Ð ANDREAS BRANCH/
J. Lo

"God bless J. Lo. At least one person had to come to the party looking like they were wearing bodypaint." -- Abby

"Not her best look but I'm sure it made her fans very very happy." -- Mickey

katherinemcphee_globes13.jpgPhoto by Ð ANDREAS BRANCH/
Katharine McPhee

"Katharine has an envy-inducing figure but the ratty bun, smoky eyes, lucite sandal and plunging neckline look tacky when combined all together." -- Abby

"Agreed. The combo of that crazy amount of skin with the messy bun is a little hard for me to wrap my arms around." -- Mickey

zosiamamet_globes13.jpgPhoto by Ð ANDREAS BRANCH/
Zosia Mamet

"Zosia looks great. She is quietly proving to be the most risk-taking member of the Girls quartet when it comes to fashion and I like that she's wearing a gown with a classic silhouette made from not-so-classy material (leather)." -- Abby

"Nice silhouette. It feels very New York. The city -- not the reality star." -- Mickey

katehudson_globes13.jpgKate Hudson

"In my opinion, Kate Hudson's never looked better. I love that she kept her hair and make-up simple and let the dramatic collar and belt accents on her dress be shown off. Love, love, love." -- Abby

"Kate's hair and makeup looks outstanding. The dress is great and this proves you don't need big fake boobies to be sexy." -- Mickey

jessicachastain_globes13.jpgPhoto by Ð ANDREAS BRANCH/
Jessica Chastain

"Over the last couple of years, Jessica has had many, many fashion hits so that's why it all the more of a bummer that she didn't knock it out of the park last night. The only nice thing I have to say about the ensemble is that the color of her dress is pretty. I'll leave it at that." -- Abby

"She's super talented and gorgeous but I almost never understand Jessica's fashion choices." -- Mickey

juliannemoore_globes13.jpgPhoto by Ð ANDREAS BRANCH/
Julianne Moore

"Julianne Moore is the definition of easy elegance in Tom Ford." -- Abby

"Julianne never disappoints on the red carpet. She looks young, chic and confident. She's major in every way." -- Mickey

oliviamunn_globes13.jpgPhoto by Ð ANDREAS BRANCH/
Olivia Munn

"Though it won't make my Top 5 list -- or likely even my Top 10 -- I like Olivia's gown, especially the patterned bustier." -- Abby

"In the picture this dress weirdly reads casual to me. I'm feeling no magic." -- Mickey

halleberry_globes13.jpgPhoto by Ð ANDREAS BRANCH/
Halle Berry

"Now that Cher rarely attends awards shows, the fashion at these things is typically very elegant and very safe. Thank god for Halle Berry to shake things up because her look is neither. That dress is atrocious." -- Abby

"This dress is truly insane and I'm so excited about it. It's not pretty or chic but it's such a nice palette cleanse from all the boring strapless numbers!" -- Mickey

thandienewton_globes13.jpgPhoto by Ð ANDREAS BRANCH/
Thandie Newton

"Thandie has one of the best bods in the biz but her dress just seems to hang all wrong. Plus, I'm not in love with the pinky-purple shoes to go with it." -- Abby

"Worship and adore Thandie Newton and though the short length might be a little bit casual, I think she looks modern and adorable." -- Mickey

lucyliu_globes13.jpgPhoto by Ð ANDREAS BRANCH/
Lucy Liu

"This was another highlight of the night. I adore that Lucy wore a patterned gown and the whole looks is so 1950s couture in the best of ways. And you know what? I actually like that she paired it with a messy fishtail braid -- that unexpected touch kept it fresh." -- Abby

"I totally disagree. I'm having a hard time finding anything nice to say about this." -- Mickey

emilyblunt_globes13.jpgPhoto by Ð ANDREAS BRANCH/
Emily Blunt

"Emily looks like an Oscar stauette -- but a very pretty one at that. She also proves that she can pull off any hair color -- red, brown, and now blonde. Lucky girl." -- Abby

"I think Emily looks rich, gorgeous and sexy in this Michael Kors lace number." -- Mickey

juliannehough_globes13.jpgPhoto by Ð ANDREAS BRANCH/
Julianne Hough

"People may accuse me of having crappy taste -- and maybe that's true -- but I actually like this dress and all the frilliness. The only thing I would've ditched was the hair. It reminds me of Pink." -- Abby

"I always joke I'm not sure who Julianne Hough is and I still don't know but she does look super fun and I saw her at the after party dancing up a storm and thought it would be fun to hang out with her." -- Mickey

evalongoria_globes13.jpgPhoto by Ð ANDREAS BRANCH/
Eva Longoria

"Aside from her makeup, everything about the look -- from the hair, to the slit, to the décolletage -- is ick." -- Abby

"Very Hollywood. Frederick's of Hollywood." -- Mickey

benedict_cumberbatch_globes13.jpgPhoto by Ð ANDREAS BRANCH/
Benedict Cumberbatch

"He looks so handsome!" -- Abby

"The outfit is a little safe but he's sexy in a tasteful British way." -- Mickey

jessicaalba_globes13.jpgPhoto by Ð ANDREAS BRANCH/
Jessica Alba

"Jessica looks tremendous. The gown is stunning -- if a little safe -- and I really like the peachy color." -- Abby

"Not a fan of Jessica's in general but she really looked incredibly gorgeous last night. You can't deny it!" -- Mickey

marioncotillard_globes13.jpgPhoto by Ð ANDREAS BRANCH/
Marion Cotillard

"My favorite movie star. I'm obsessed and I love her in Dior. Very French, Very Fashion. Diorissimo!" -- Mickey

"You know, I really want to sound sophisticated and high-fashion and say I like Marion's Dior dress but it just reminds me of a beach towel -- or an old Juicy Couture terry cloth maxi dress that's been rolled up along the hemline." -- Abby

siennamiller_globes13.jpgPhoto by Ð ANDREAS BRANCH/
Sienna Miller

"Sienna is gorgeous and I think this look feels young and adorable." -- Mickey

"I agree that Sienna looks lovely but, dear god, why did she have to wear earrings in her double piercing and cartilage? It makes her look like that trashy girl you knew in high school who wore fake Chanel studs in her ears and cubic zirconia in her double piercing." -- Abby

helenmirren_globes13.jpgPhoto by Ð ANDREAS BRANCH/
Helen Mirren

"Dame Helen can do no wrong...even when she's 1/8 of the way to resembling a Spanish matador." -- Abby

"Dame Helen is a beautiful legend but this look somehow doesn't come together." -- Mickey

Sofiavergara_globes13.jpegSofía Vergara

"Sofía Vergara seems like she's always wearing the same sparkly dress but in different colors. But honestly, if it ain't broke, don't fix it." -- Abby

"I also almost said, if it ain't broke... this look is wonderfully glamorous and full of personality." -- Mickey