We cannot get enough of the Downton Abbey cast's appearance on The View. For starters, Jim Carter (Mr. Carson) has some real chemistry with Barbara Walters and shows off his secret juggling skills. Also, we want to be friends with Thomas IRL -- he seems so nice! (And, for more IRL-ness, check out "Downton Abbey Stars On-Screen vs. Off-Screen.") [via The View

Screen shot 2012-12-12 at 6.18.07 PM.pngIn today's Headlines You Couldn't Make Up Even If You Wanted To: "Maneater: Hall bitten by Oates." Yep, a man named Oates bit another man named Hall somewhere in Ohio. [via Uproxx]

Screen shot 2012-12-12 at 6.28.51 PM.pngHeads up, we just found the holiday gift for that gamer in your life: a pixelated-looking Minecraft pickaxe bottle opener. [via The Daily What]

Screen shot 2012-12-12 at 6.31.10 PM.pngLove this device that prevents that douche sitting in front of you on the airplane from putting his chair all the way back. [via Evan Roth]

Screen shot 2012-12-12 at 6.34.48 PM.pngIkea Munk√ę. [via Adult Swim; Thanks Alex!]

tumblr_mewyb5VWc11qaw0cqo1_500.jpgOkay, the Perth meteorologist has set the weather humor bar pretty high. Your move, Al Roker. [via The Clearly Dope]

tumblr_m8nezd9Qnb1qzk2apo1_500.jpgYou look mah-velous! [via Rrrick]

Nothing like some wavy vibez courtesy of Bubba Sparxx. [via It's Poonanji Marsha]

tumblr_lumc4fA4Gv1qcvthoo1_500.jpgThis Nicki tree is giving us nightmares. [via Paris Hilton Sex Slave]

Channing Tatum, schmanning Tatum. People's Sexiest Man Alive: Mustache Edition, Nick Offerman, talked to Conan about his signature scent and wearing a mustache lasso contraption when he goes to sleep. The host also plays a clip of Offerman's recent striptease for charity and, fair warning, there are nipples. So.many.nipples. [via Team Coco]

Screen shot 2012-12-13 at 10.30.26 AM.pngIn case you missed it, Kanye West wore a Givenchy leather skirt to play last night's mega 12/12/12 concert for Hurricane Sandy relief but Jared Leto won the night. [via Twitter]