For a certain subset of New York City's night-crawlers, Rainbow -- a national chain of discount clothing stores with about two-dozen outposts throughout the city -- is their dirty little secret. Rainbow's often garish, always insanely cheap garb can be seen on everyone from Bushwick-based club kids, downtown drag queens, Bronx voguers (a "Rainbow" category has been known to pop up at vogue balls) and your run-of-the-mill hoochies. The wares are in the $5 to $50 range (skewing mostly towards $5) and recall '90s-era Versace mixed with a Lisa Frank acid trip. It was Ms. Fitz, an artist, designer, former PAPER Beautiful Person and events coordinator at our sister-company ExtraExtra, who tipped us off to the nightlife world's cheap thrill. Her local outpost in Bushwick, she says, "has the best selection of colorful, slutty pieces." She claims the Midtown Rainbow, around the corner from our office and a block from the Empire State Building, has the best shoes. Think Day-Glo color-combinations and heels that would not look out of place wrapped around a stripper pole. Ms. Fitz suggests pairing Rainbow duds with vintage and designer clothing, warning that, "If you wear only Rainbow, you look like a cheap tart, straight talk."

Armed with Ms. Fitz, a few bucks and an open mind, we took a deep breath and found the gold at the end of the rainbow.

Ms. Fitz goes shopping!


Screen shot 2012-10-04 at 2.36.46 PM.png

Top photo: Shoes, $49.99Middle photo set, clockwise from left: Dress, $12; Underwear, $2.99; Earrings, $6.99Bottom photo set, clockwise from left: Earrings, $6.99; Blazer, $5.00; Makeup, $2.99; Body glitter, $2.99; Boot cozy, $9.99.