anigif_enhanced-buzz-30811-1350442604-8.gifIn case you missed last night's debate....[Ex-Genius via Buzzfeed]

tumblr_mc0mddeGAt1rg2rf7o1_500.gifThis GIF. [Bobby Finger via GIFwich via DorseyShawExperience]

tumblr_mc0m38XPkY1rj8amio1_1280.jpgNobody. [BindersFullofWomen] (H/T @Jose_Valdez1)

enhanced-buzz-30077-1350450610-10.jpgBill! [nomoretexasgovernorsforpresident via Buzzfeed]


tumblr_mc0nb6UT3T1rg2rf7o1_500.gifNot impressed. [GIFWich]

enhanced-buzz-31511-1350450470-4.jpgMitt was not jazzily chuckling on the inside last night, I'll tell you what. [Buzzfeed via therereallyisamaya]


anigif_enhanced-buzz-20438-1350444335-4.gifJosh Romney maaaaad. [@BuzzfeedJack]

And, moving on....

Here's a montage of Ellen scaring the crap out of her guests. Taylor Swift's reaction is the best/saddest. [Vulture]
 tumblr_mbvvm0RXcv1riv8pqo1_500.jpgSlothstronaut! [LaughterKey]

xgTwr.jpgHello, Fun-1-1? Send the Jambulance, I've got the rockin' pneumonia and the boogie woogie flu. [Reddit]

Gillian_Anderson_and_David_Duchovny_Married.jpgThe best quote in this shady report that David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson are secretly married: "Just ran into David Duchovny outside Ken Paves salon. Asked him point blank about Gillian Anderson. He said 'no comment.'" Well... that's not a denial, right?" Emphasis on Ken Pave salon ours. Please let D.Duch have face framing clip-on bangs, just like Jessica Simpson's! [ONTD]

c7f0fd471c32fd2e5c948e251f6ba745-1.jpgOttoman Empire Superman by artist Berk Senterk. [PleatedJeans]

tumblr_mc0eslUOyz1qzqoygo1_500.jpgYukkin' it up on the set of Silence of the Lambs. [Flavorpill]

tumblr_mbno4qXqm21rambjpo1_500.gifThe best house. [AlsoHere]

tumblr_mc022wghKs1qzbnnbo1_500.jpg"Combover" by artist Phil Jones. [LaughingSquid]

Do it. [RatsOff]