Rick Santorum said 'hands' like 5 million times during his RNC speech last night. Buzzfeed put together this handy, handsy super-cut.

tumblr_m91copY9ww1qbxzvpo1_1280.jpgLove that band. [MouthRadio]

tumblr_m9gzigW1xe1qzjmi8o1_1280.jpgCauliflower dog looks through your window at night. [TheClearlyDope]

tumblr_m9hgy0vo3Y1qam3xgo1_500.pngModern Family creator Steve Levitan crafted the perfect 'Oh Hell to the No' tweet in response to Ann Romney's comment that the ABC sitcom is her favorite show. [PopCultureBrain]

P.S., This is the correct way to pronounce 'Ryan Lochte.' We've all been so, so off. [RatsOff via Max Silvestri]

tumblr_m9h3erRX8Z1qzcv7no1_500.gifAssassin cat (alias "ninja cat") is highly skilled in covert stuffed animal warfare. [FYeahDementia; Jezebel]

tumblr_m96xc7rTnR1rz4ni1o1_500.jpgGeorge Clinton is right.  [RoboShark]

tumblr_m99mhc9cQX1qhlsrfo1_500.jpgButts on butts. [GemmaCorrell]

tumblr_m9hxtdioNq1qanm80o1_1280.jpgOh dear, Fox News-caption-writer.  [ImWithKanye]

rnKK0.jpgBut what if botched restoration Jesus had googly eyes? Now we're talking. [Reddit]

5_5032353670.gifPlay this slide whistle sound effect for maxim stretchiness. [AlsoHere; GIF by Cari Vander Yacht]

tumblr_m9dor8cOlx1qewacoo1_500.jpgNY is never going to get a girlfriend! [TastefullyOffensive]

tumblr_m9hdy49Vaz1qg9j7eo1_500.gifBird, ball, bounce, BOOM. [Coinfarts]