When Tamer Hamawi first started experimenting with acucumber cocktail at Colonie, the first of the three Brooklyn eateries heco-owns and plays bartender at, it didn't take long before "there was a brightgreen drink on every table," he says.

Heartened by its popularity, Hamawi kept the veggie-laced booze trendgoing behind the bar at Gran Electrica in the form of a beet margarita, andnow at Governor, his latest venture in DUMBO, where he is besotted with carrots grown at Satur  Farms on the North Fork.

Hamawi juices the naturally sweet root vegetable to order on most nights --  during theweekend crush it's batched just before showtime -- andmelds it with resposado Tequila, Cointreau, fresh (obviously) lime juice, andagave nectar to create the 20/20 Margarita. Here, the nectar found intraditional margaritas is heightened by a thrilling, tingly ginger infusion.  Says Hamawi, "I wanted to give it a bit ofheat without chilies. If you think about it, ginger and carrot go really welltogether at the juice bar."

 Since you won't be reaching for a Tequila-spiked concoctionat, say, a juice bar like Liquiteria anytime soon, the 20/20 Margarita not only sates, butleaves you feeling just a tad healthier. As the cocktail's name implies, Hamawijokes, "The more you drink, the better you see."

15 Main St.
DUMBO, Brooklyn
(718) 858-4758

Photo by Noah Fecks