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We're happy to report that Harry Potter's Hermione (Emma Watson) is back in the world of Muggles and Kevin, who we will never stop needing to talk about, (Ezra Miller) is out of jail. Here, we find Watson and Miller returning to high school roles in this screen version of Stephen Chbosky's The Perks of Being a Wallflower, due in theaters on September 14. Chbosky also directs the coming-of-age film starring Logan Lerman as "wallflower" freshman, Charlie, who finds his soul mates in Sam (Watson) and Patrick (Miller). (Keep your eyes peeled for Paul Rudd as a kindly English teacher, too!) Will it be Sixteen Candles for a new generation? Is "In this moment, I swear we are infinite" the new "I'm the king of the world?" We hope so.