Screen Shot 2012-06-12 at 5.35.52 PM.png1. So David was right -- cool really is dead. According to a recently-published journal study, the word cool is now associated with  "likeability, friendliness, attractiveness, confidence, and success." [via Flavorwire]


2. Watch Amy Poehler and Reggie Watts sing about hair on a forthcoming episode of Comedy Bang Bang. [via IFC]

parisianmuse.jpg3. Wanna be this Parisian guy's live-in muse? It actually sounds like a pretty sweet deal. [via GalleristNY]

 vintage-mugshots-black-and-white-16.jpg4. Love these mugshots of super-dapper Australian criminals from the 1920s. [via Laughing Squid]

 enhanced-buzz-20258-1339534713-4.jpg5. Oh my WORD. This mutant pig monster recently reared its hella ugly head in China. [via BuzzFeed]

 chrisbrownlead.jpg6. Chris Brown -- yes that Chris Brown -- teamed up with Ron English on an art show that opened in New York last night. Animal NY was there, and reports: "An awesome artist Chris Brown isn't."

 sarah-jessica-parker-fundraiser-preparations-barack-obama-6.jpg7. Daily Intel has an amazing gallery of people cleaning Sarah Jessica Parker's brownstone in anticipation of her Obama fundraiser on Thursday.

 tumblr_m5h0lpaJmX1qf11y1o1_500.jpg8. Garden party nails. [via Laughter Key]