1. The Wire: The Musical. [via Funny or Die]

GBcollagesmall_20120604_143133.jpg2. Grizzly Bear's much-anticipated new album is out Sept. 18th. Listen to the first track off the record, "Sleeping Ute," here. They're playing Radio City Music Hall on Sept. 24th.

Screen shot 2012-06-05 at 5.52.04 PM.png3. New York City is getting 300 new Subway trains! [via Gothamist]

voodoo.jpg4. Someone made a voodoo doll of Jerry Saltz (the art critic for New York Magazine), posted it to a lamppost in Chelsea and stuck some needles in it. Occupational hazard we suppose! [via Animal NY]

howler-a-magazine-about-soccer.jpg5. Our buddy George Quraishi and former GQ editor Mark Kirby have launched a new quarterly magazine about soccer called Howler.

momofuku-4th-july-fried-chicken.jpg6. Momofuku's doing a "Fourth of July To Go" menu. Yes please. [via World's Best Ever]

enhanced-buzz-11554-1338929972-14.jpg7. Swiss Army nails! [via BuzzFeed]

8. The Huffington Post has a section devoted to "Sideboob." [via Daily Intel]