Late Night with Jimmy Fallon has a new Downton Sixbey episode with Brooke Shields back as Lady Cora, Fred Armisen back as Lady Edith and Whoopi Golberg making a guest appearance as Lady Whoopi. Watch as Questlove is named the new Sixbey heir in the wake of Carson Daly's tragic death in a hot air balloon accident (though a visit from an unexpected guest may change everything...). Late Night does such a great job with this parody! [LateNightJimmy]

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Speaking of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, check out Fallon writer Arthur Meyer's menu for fake "Greeko-Japo Pan-American" restaurant Fuds written with College Humor's Kelly Hudson and The Onion's Dan Klein. It was handed out at last weekend's terrible, horrible, no good, very bad food festival the Great GoogaMooga. Highlights include: "Panty Slaw," "Tubed Lamb," "Shitty Chicken," and the "Bill Clinton Sandwich." [GrubStreet]

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tumblr_m4jfv2LnMN1qh9nffo1_400.jpg[Via Tall Whitney]

65161525828943122_PHFV36bV_c.jpgYoga Bear. [PleatedJeans via Hmm]

bingo-wesanderson.pngSlate's Wes Anderson bingo game is pretty air-tight. We were like, "Ah-ha! They left out '60s pop!," and then we clicked for a new board and got one with a "1960s brit pop" square. Dammit. [Via LaughterKey]

tumblr_m4hzgaV0cq1qd5onmo1_500.jpgThe CPR dummy on the cover of The Bends just needs a taco. [FuckYeah1990s]

tumblr_m2enmkKPQU1qad2ozo5_250.gifJust cuz. [FuckYeahSNL via LaughterKey]

medieval-alphabet-cookies-1.jpgIlluminated manuscript alphabet cookies. [BoingBoing]

Screen shot 2012-05-25 at 11.52.29 AM.pngThank god. [CNN]

Love seat. [LaughingSquid]

  community-deandress.pngA chart of all the outfits ever worn by Dean Pelton on Community. [Via Vulture]

How we feel about getting Monday off. [Laughterkey]