Screen Shot 2012-05-10 at 9.14.11 AM.pngAnna Faris and Chris Pratt are expecting what will surely be a hilarious, foul-mouthed and super-attractive baby! Maybe Abel Poehler-Arnett will babysit!! [via People]

enhanced-buzz-18399-1336594838-10.jpg The happiest baby rhino in all the land! [via BuzzFeed]

lego-ad-09.jpgThe set of Arrested Development -- made out of LEGOs. [via I Watch Stuff]
 Q42Ew5ETLAgilZZ.jpgWe love this good, old-fashioned blind item from Page Six: "Which top New York businesswoman doesn't wear underwear to work and typically gives her employees a Sharon Stone "Basic Instinct" view at every staff meeting?"
 ian-beavis.jpgA round-up of eight people with the last name Beavis. [via MTV]
 tumblr_m355ofbrtb1r8vfr7o1_500.gif Studball! [via Fistful of Soul]IS14p5ur3y7r1f-1.jpgThe mansion in Miami where the 1972 porno film Deep Throat was shot is for sale. It's $1,551,600. [via Laughing Squid]
 Mallory-Kievman-hiccupops.jpgThis 13-year-old girl has invented what she claims are hiccup-stopping lollipops, called Hiccupops -- made from a combo of apple cider vinegar and sugar.  [via Lost at E Minor]

mitthappenslslsls.jpgA T-shirt for you. [via Dangerous Minds]
 tumblr_m3sbttpYPF1qhzo4ao1_400.jpgGotye + King of the Hill = Some Bobby That I Used to Know. [via Tall Whitney]
 tumblr_m36ijtkiog1qfb1vzo1_500.jpgTaylor Swift will you sign my liver? (That sounds painful.) [via Tall Whitney]
 enhanced-buzz-31280-1336589304-2.jpgRobert Pattinson had some weird times with Premiere magazine. [via BuzzFeed]
 Screen Shot 2012-05-09 at 10.47.51 PM.pngPaul Rudd and Amy Poehler are starring in the David Wain-directed (and Michael Showalter-and-Wain-written) They Came Together, a rom-com parody that Wain and Showalter wrote right after Wet Hot American Summer came out in 2001. [via Showblitz]
 tumblr_m3gofvqYCv1qdq8f1o1_500.jpgIngmar Bergman on the set of JAWS. [Gooble Gooble One of Us]