1. Please take a moment to watch Bill Murray give a tour of the Moonrise Kingdom set, while slightly buzzed ("I have a little bit of rum in me"). Highlights include Bill running through his cast-mates ("Edward Norton, he does a lot of psycho work; he's playing against type") and his thoughts on working with children ("no money can make that right, can it?" ). [via Slamxhype]

2. As your go-to source for all things "Call Me Maybe"-related, here's Fun. covering the Carly Rae Jepsen tune. [via Pop Culture Brain]
 ron-swanson-cake.jpg3. Ron Swanson cake! [via Vulture]

4. Watch Mike O'Brien (sporting an unfortunate new moustache) interview -- and "act little make-em-ups" -- with Tina Fey in his latest 7 Minutes in Heaven episode.
 tumblr_m4cw6kw2C21r26hzho1_500.jpg5. There are baby tigers the Lower East Side! More specifically, on view at Ramiken Crucible gallery, as part of group show, "Ideal Pole," curated by Norwegian artist Bjarne Melgaard. [via Animal NY]

mmbmontauk2012.5.22.jpg6. Christina Tosi and her Momofuku team are opening a "Make-Shift Milk Bar" in Montauk this summer. [via Curbed Hamptons]

xoxo.jpg7. XOXO, a new arts and technology festival celebrating "disruptive creativity," will take place at Yu Contemporary in Portland, OR this September 13-16. [via Laughing Squid]

Brooklyn-Nets_primary_white-bg.jpg8. The Brooklyn Nets are holding open auditions for their new dance team on June 2nd. Hear that, Heather Loop? [via DNAinfo]