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President Obama, it turns out, was so much funnier than Jimmy Kimmel at the White House Correspondent's Dinner over the weekend. Here he is talking about Hilary Clinton drunk-texting him from Cartagena and how it's a "boy eat dog world." [via BuzzFeed]

 item15.rendition.slideshowWideVertical.whcd-KAM_4322.jpgChris Christie and Aziz Ansari, inexplicably photographed together at the Vanity Fair/Bloomberg White House Correspondent's Dinner after-party... [via VF]

 oscarthegrouch.jpg The poorest characters in pop culture. [via Flavorwire]


Ellen Degeneres reading from 50 Shades of Grey: "Do not eat the pancakes!" [via Vulture]

Screen Shot 2012-04-29 at 10.17.59 PM.pngKenan Thompson's sweaters through the years. [via Nineties Nickelodeon]

Chloe-Sevigny-Bikinis-in-Miami-4-580x435.jpgChloe Sevigny loves going to Miami with New York hipster musicians. First, Lissy Trullie. Now, Lizzi Bougatsos from Gang Gang Dance. Hi Lizzi! [via Celebuzz]

 gretagerwigpaw.jpgGreta Gerwig's cat, Paw Newman. (Not pictured: Diane Kitten.) [via New York]

 uggie-the-dog-gi-1.jpgUggie is writing a memoir! [via Vulture]

enhanced-buzz-27888-1335739368-12.jpgArtist Bah Humpug's Pug Alphabet. [via BuzzFeed]

 tumblr_m26f9nQDTi1qearaqo1_r1_1280.jpgGroucho Marx and Diana Ross doing their thing on the dance floor. [via Awesome People Hanging Out Together]

 Screen Shot 2012-04-29 at 10.33.44 PM.pngThis right here, ladies and gentlemen, is a Sriracha Lollipop. [via World's Best Ever]