joshh-ryan-gosling.png josh-and-driver.jpgAll signs point to former PAPER Beautiful Person and Hunger Games star Josh Hutcherson being great at naming dogs. [Via After Elton. Photo via OK!, Headline via UsWeekly.]

Perro gimnasta! Watch this little dog get down with some gymnastics rings. [Death+Taxes]

s-LATE-SHOW-large.jpgJason Segel was ordered to lose 30 pounds by a studio head, just like real-life actresses are treated all the time and everything! (Watch him discuss on Letterman last night.) [HuffPo]

Damien Hirst art recreated with M&Ms. [LostAtEMinor]

437-520x653.jpg Just some casual bed-time looks from a 1979 Victoria's Secret catalog. More here (not NSFW-ish). [Via Retronaut]

tumblr_m2y922gP3b1qhub34o1_500.jpgLorne Michaels art work in the Late Night with Jimmy Fallon office. [LateNightJimmy]
 s384616_316004328421098_299320806756117_1085642_1595855672_n.jpgVintage portraits as superheroes. More here. [Via BoingBoing]

madmen-first-aid.pngChristoph Niemann offers some helpful new first-aid maneuvers for strangers in distress. [Abstract Sunday]

alexsimon-thumb.pngIn erstwhile Real Housewives of New York stars Alex McCord and Simon van Kempen's 2010 book about child rearing, McCord writes that van Kempen EJACULATED ON HER WHILE SHE WAS GIVING BIRTH. [Via Jezebel. Ramona Singer GIFS via ONTD + FuckYeahRealHousewives]