Michael B. Jordan
If it weren't for his middle initial (short for Bakari), the Chronicle star's acting accolades would be buried within the dark crevices of Google, thanks to his slam-dunking name-mate. But even so, we're pretty sure the actor--who got his start on TV shows like The Wire, Friday Night Lights and Parenthood-won't fall so easily into obscurity.
mann_38.jpgThomas Mann
It's hard to say whether late German author Thomas Mann (who penned Death in Venice), would approve of his namesake's new film, Project X. The movie's about a high-school bash that makes the party in Superbad look like a low-key kegger. But who knows, things could get pretty wild in pre-War Munich.

Jayson Blair
Could the fallen New York Times reporter claim he's been plagiarized now that The Hard Times of RJ Berger star (strange spelling and all) is making headlines? Luckily for JB junior, in Hollywood, imitation is the highest form of flattery.

Illustrations by Scott Lifshutz