Downton Abbey Stars On-Screen Vs. Off-Screen

Papermag was poking around on PBS' Downton Abbey website recently, when we noticed a video Q&A with actress Siobhan Finneran (who plays meddling maid O'Brien) and were struck by how glamorous she was in real life. This got us wondering what the rest of the cast looked like out of their 1912 frocks and waist coats, and, below, we've rounded up some off-screen versus on-screen photo comparisons for your viewing pleasure. (All we'll say is hello actor-who-plays-Mr.-Bates Brendan Coyle! We'd let you help us dress for dinner any day of the week.) Check out all the pics below.

P.S. Spoiler-ish alert: If you haven't seen any of season 2, you're about to meet some new characters. Also, this list does not include new season-three cast member Shirley MacLaine. You'll just have to guess what she looks like with a giant hat on.

On-screen: Mr. Bates, played by Brendan Coyle


IMG_1229.JPGBONUS PIC: Holding a baby.
On-screen: Anna, played by Joanne Froggatt


On-screen: Ethel, played by Amy Nuttall

image-12-for-editorial-12-sep-2011-gallery-911419774.jpgOff-screen (Image via The Sun):

On-screen: Robert Crawley, Earl of Grantham, played by Hugh Bonneville

Robert-Earl-of-Grantham-Hugh-Bonneville-downton-abbey-15932405-570-364.jpgOff-screen: (Photo by Patrick

On-screen: Cora, Countess of Grantham, played by Elizabeth McGovern

da 04.PNGOff-screen: (Photo by Patrick

6345951333779437504639684_37_VFMA1_20111214_CMS_047.JPGOn-screen: Violet, Dowager Countess of Grantham, played by Maggie Smith (GIF via)


Maggie+Smith+Harry+Potter+Deathly+Hallows+7glJcxnLriRl.jpgOn-screen: Mrs. Hughes, played by Phyllis Logan


On-screen: Lady Mary Crawley, played by Michelle Dockery

da 05.PNGOff-screen:

tumblr_lybsxhDOaS1qm4akto1_400.jpgOn-screen: Matthew Crawley, played by Dan Stevens


BONUS PIC: Stevens and Dockery hot-scowling in the Evening Standard's ES Magazine.

On-screen: Lavinia Swire, played by Zoe Boyle


On-screen: Mr. Carson, played by Jim Carter

On-screen: Lady Edith Crawley, played by Laura Carmichael


article-0-0F2740BD00000578-301_306x788.jpgOn-screen: Lady Sybil Crawley, played by Jessica Brown Findlay


Jessica+Brown+Findlay+G+Star+RAW+London+RAW+U043zvhqFBjl.jpgOn-screen: Tom Branson, played by Allen Leech


Screen shot 2012-01-31 at 4.47.47 PM.png
On-screen: Sarah O'Brien, played by Siobhan Finneran

Screen shot 2012-01-31 at 3.06.52 PM.pngOn-screen: Molsely, played by Kevin Doyle


KDOYLE.jpgOn-screen: Daisy, played by Sophia McShera

daisy 1.PNGOff-screen:

Sophie-not-in-character-415.jpgOn-screen: Mrs. Patmore, played by Lesley Nicol

da 14.PNGOff-screen:

Lesley+Nicol+West+West+Photocall+54th+BFI+uRm6p2caIh5l.jpgOn-screen: William, played by Thomas Howes
64194988.jpgOff-screen (with Sophia McShera):

Thomas+Howes+Jessica+Brown+Findlay+Evening+0Hvf57OMw3jl.jpgOn-screen: Isobel Crawley, played by Penelope Wilton

penelope-wilton-downton-abbey-s2.jpgOff-screen (photo via the Telegraph):

Penelope_Wilton_2044302c.jpgOn-screen: Thomas, played by Rob James-Collier


rob james-collier beard.jpg
On-screen: Dr. Clarkson, played by David Robb

s2-david-robb-as-dr.-clarkson_595.jpgOff-screen (Photo by Matt Writtle for the London Evening Standard):

On-screen: Pharaoh, played by Roly (Photo by Matthew Lloyd for the Daily Mail)


Screen shot 2012-01-31 at 2.50.14 PM.png
On-screen: Isis, played by Ellie



Dragton Abbey
Downton Abbey's Unlikely Celebrity Fans

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Posted at 1:08 on Feb 01, 2012


This is fantastic! (Love that you added the dogs at the end too)

Posted at 2:28 on Feb 02, 2012


Thought you might enjoy this. O'Brien looks so glamourous.

Posted at 4:09 on Feb 02, 2012


Love the comparisons, just adore Maggie Smith as the Dowager Countess, but then again I fell in love with Maggie years ago when she appeared in the movie " Evil under the Sun". I would also add that this cast is superb. Thanks for sharing it with us here in America.

Posted at 4:37 on Feb 02, 2012

Ann Desmond

I LOVED this! I am a Downton Abbey groupie and so enjoyed seeing what the characters were like in real life. Thanks.

Posted at 4:50 on Feb 02, 2012

Rona Beame

So very interesting. Thanks.

Posted at 5:10 on Feb 02, 2012


It's funny, for the "upper class" characters, the actors often look really good in costume, for the "servants," they ALWAYS look better in their own clothes!

Posted at 5:51 on Feb 02, 2012

That just made my day!!!!!

Posted at 7:34 on Feb 02, 2012


Michelle Dockery is gorgeous

Posted at 8:16 on Feb 02, 2012

Diane M

I would never have recognized Phyllis Logan. She looks much younger as herself. Thank you for the photos to compare.

Posted at 9:31 on Feb 02, 2012


I love Downtown Abbey so much, but it is wierd to see all the actors with normal clothes on

Posted at 10:37 on Feb 02, 2012


This is the greatest!! A very good idea. Thank you!

Posted at 12:21 on Feb 03, 2012

Pretty cool ;D Thanks for sharing!

Posted at 1:38 on Feb 03, 2012


What a gorgeous - but hairy - lot!

Posted at 7:25 on Feb 03, 2012

Buncha ruddy cuties! Thanks for the roundup!

Posted at 8:26 on Feb 03, 2012

Nancy Viens

Wonderful story, great characters! The best there is on TV right now.

Posted at 9:29 on Feb 03, 2012

M. Bussey

Some of the women look so shockingly different. I love all the pictures. Love, love, love the show.

Posted at 10:34 on Feb 03, 2012


Wow! What a good look at Downton Abbey folk behind the scenes. And a more indepth appreciation of the makeup artists and wardrobe staff.

Posted at 10:49 on Feb 03, 2012


I find Thomas completly unattractive due to his character (thought I have only seen the first episode of season 2). But the actor who plays him is more than a bit handsome when he is all scruffy

Posted at 4:01 on Feb 03, 2012


Holy crap, O'Brien! HOT!

Posted at 4:08 on Feb 03, 2012

Anonymous weekend is off to a great start, now!! Gosh, these people are the handsomest/cutest around...:-)

Posted at 4:15 on Feb 03, 2012



Posted at 4:20 on Feb 03, 2012

Betty Donaldson

I enjoyed seeing those photos.

Posted at 5:25 on Feb 03, 2012


Omigod! Mr. Carson is a SPANDEX CYCLIST!!!!

Posted at 6:02 on Feb 03, 2012



Posted at 6:03 on Feb 03, 2012


Wow....Mrs.Hughes & O'Brian look amazing!

Posted at 6:27 on Feb 03, 2012


thank you.. lots of fun!

.. though my biggest challenge was getting used to an onscreen #2: warming to Hugh Bonneface as the benevolent Earl (Robert) of Crawley- because he'd been so spectacularly sinister as the sadistic Grandcourt in Daniel Deronda ! every time I saw Grandcourt appear at Downton, he made my skin crawl (-:

Posted at 6:34 on Feb 03, 2012


To me, Phyllis Logan (housekeeper Mrs Hughes) will always be the glamourous, witty, aristocratic Lady Jane Felsham of "Lovejoy." (Remember Lovejoy?) I am very glad to see that Ms Logan herself still retains her Lady Jane looks and liveliness. And what a fine actress she is!

Posted at 6:44 on Feb 03, 2012

well done!

Posted at 6:56 on Feb 03, 2012


They are so much hotter than the people they protray. That's great acting for you.

Posted at 7:16 on Feb 03, 2012


A quiƩn le gusta Downtown Abbey?

Posted at 8:44 on Feb 03, 2012

Jo Breen Vering

Fabulous! I love to play this game when I am watching a period piece. Who and what do the characters actually look like on the real street we inhabit? This is a really fun post. Thank YOU!

Posted at 8:49 on Feb 03, 2012

Shirley McAlpine

The transformations from off camera to on camera are remarkable. Kudos to the makeup, hairstylists, and wardrobe people.

Posted at 9:01 on Feb 03, 2012


Love the dogs!

Posted at 9:03 on Feb 03, 2012


Lovely.....all of them....

Posted at 9:11 on Feb 03, 2012



Posted at 10:25 on Feb 03, 2012

This was fun! Thank you!

Posted at 10:25 on Feb 03, 2012

This was fun! Thank you!

Posted at 10:31 on Feb 03, 2012


This is wonderful! Biggest shocker is Mrs. Hughes! Matthew Crawley is just as cute in and out of costume though!

Posted at 12:38 on Feb 04, 2012


Matthew looks like a teenager off-screen!

Posted at 4:51 on Feb 04, 2012


This is great if you're into the show!

Posted at 8:22 on Feb 04, 2012


I was really curious what the dogs looked like off-screen. Thanks for posting that.

Posted at 8:24 on Feb 04, 2012


I would never have recognised Pharaoh !!!

Posted at 9:55 on Feb 04, 2012


The two most surprising differences are Slobsn Finnerman and Phyllis Logan. It is however a testament to their ability to play the part very well on camera.

Posted at 9:57 on Feb 04, 2012

You added the dogs! That was brilliant.

Loved seeing everyone out of costume, they certainly are gorgeous.

Posted at 10:26 on Feb 04, 2012


I love this program. Keep it coming

Posted at 11:08 on Feb 04, 2012


Phyllis Logen as Mrs. Hughes was the greatest shock! In some cases, I thought that the actors/actresses looked better in costume, but certainly NOT Phyllis Logan! I've seen Brendan Coyle in a few other series, and I think that he is just sexy, period! I'm thoroughly enjoying the show, the settings, and the costumes. This was fun--thanks for posting!

Posted at 11:13 on Feb 04, 2012


Wow! Look at Mrs. Hughes! Yay for including the doggies.

Posted at 11:14 on Feb 04, 2012


OMG, what an eye-opener. Handsome lot aren't they?!

Posted at 2:44 on Feb 04, 2012


The three that shocked me the most (in a good way) were the actresses who play O'Brien and Mrs. Hughes.

And I LOVE Thomas 'The Gay Scoundrel Footman Who Looks Like A Vampire' but that pic of him in glasses looking like Steve Jobs the Younger is ridiculously HOT.

Posted at 3:46 on Feb 04, 2012


Very good. I enjoued

Posted at 4:31 on Feb 04, 2012

LG Kuttner

Marvelous! I am stlll mystified why American writers, producers, and actors cannot produce series of this quality unless they include gratuitous violence, foul language, and morally ambiguous themes. Sopranos is an example.


Posted at 5:45 on Feb 04, 2012

Zola Bunny

The on and off screen dogs were v.funny

Posted at 6:59 on Feb 05, 2012

Logan and Finneran seem remarkably changed for the series just by the darker hair color, and a relative lack of makeup. Everyone else looks more or less as I would have expected. Love that the dogs were included!

Posted at 2:22 on Feb 05, 2012


never underestimate the power of a good outfit to create a mood! :)

Posted at 11:57 on Feb 05, 2012

Melanie T

amazing!!!!! great job bizzy!

Posted at 12:11 on Feb 06, 2012


eeeww! it's a bit like seeing your parents having sex! i just watched downton twice tonight and i loooove them all. but that miss o'brien. . . good god. i'm so happy she's not walking the earth!

Posted at 12:58 on Feb 06, 2012


What a treat seeing so many from DA in their 'normal' suits!

Posted at 11:27 on Feb 06, 2012

caity friendman

thought you'd enjoy----xo Mom

Posted at 1:35 on Feb 06, 2012


It was such a pleasure seeing what these folks look like in real life! Really humanized them for me. Hazel

Posted at 2:37 on Feb 06, 2012


For my fellow Downton Abbey enthusiasts.

Posted at 4:18 on Feb 06, 2012


WHOA. Awesome fun!

Posted at 5:02 on Feb 06, 2012


Thanks, that was great!!

Posted at 5:20 on Feb 06, 2012


simple wonderful

Posted at 7:42 on Feb 06, 2012


wow! thanks for that, loved the dog shots

Posted at 8:47 on Feb 06, 2012


WOW!!!!! the most dramatic change is Ms O'Brien...she is beautiful!
My favorities are Mary and Matthew.....lovely,lovely and then there is Sybil!!! McGovern always is charming....Lord Grantham ...yum

Posted at 10:15 on Feb 06, 2012

david stassen

Jus wait!

Posted at 11:34 on Feb 06, 2012


The dog is beautiful and so is Dan Stevens. I am salivating! This is indeed a beautiful and talented cast.

Posted at 12:39 on Feb 07, 2012


Splendid! Splendid! Thank you indeed for the excellent idea. Uber gorgeous cast on and off screen. I love the show!

Posted at 12:45 on Feb 07, 2012

Paul R. Jefferson

Kudos to the costumers and makeup staff of the show...and to the actors themselves for making their characters to believable and consistent.

Posted at 1:27 on Feb 07, 2012


Mr Bates! I think I love you,...

Posted at 3:37 on Feb 07, 2012

Loving this blog - Literally fantastic because I'm such a fan of Downton Abbey and to see the stars on and off screen is fascinating!

Lizzy x

Posted at 2:07 on Feb 07, 2012


Wow! All the Downton Abbey women look beautiful in their off-screen photos.

But I have to add that the actors playing O'Brien, Ethel, Anna and Mrs. Hughes are knock-outs in their off-screen looks. They must all be very dedicated to their craft to allow their beautiful looks played down for the sake of a character.

Love it!!

Posted at 3:08 on Feb 07, 2012


This is so fun! Love the difference in "Mrs. Hughes" and it's good to see "William" and "Daisy" relaxing a bit, for once....

Posted at 3:35 on Feb 07, 2012


We cant wait for each episode,We love Downton Abby and its Cast. Thanks for sharing it here in Amerika.

Posted at 4:33 on Feb 07, 2012


How cool!

Posted at 4:51 on Feb 07, 2012

kathleen Lawrence

One of the best shows Masterpiece Theater has done. All the characters fit their respective rolls

wonderfully!! I hope the story goes on for years. It's great to see them out of character. Thanks

Posted at 5:26 on Feb 07, 2012


Great photo review of cast. Wonderful character studies & performances by every performer, thanks for two great seasons of episodes..

Posted at 7:50 on Feb 07, 2012

Love Doughton Abbey. Just finished the book, "Lady Almina and the Real Doughton Abbey", The Lost Legacy of Highclere Castle. This book is written by Lady Fiona Carnarvon who is married to the current Earl of Carnarvon. They took over Highclere eight years ago. A wonderful story of the real family.

Posted at 8:34 on Feb 07, 2012



Posted at 9:22 on Feb 07, 2012


loved that! Thanks!

Posted at 10:44 on Feb 07, 2012


love it!!! they are all so beautiful!

Posted at 10:47 on Feb 07, 2012


love it!!! they are all so beautiful!

Posted at 11:22 on Feb 07, 2012


his is very cool! Thank you for your effort. That must have been fun.

Posted at 11:33 on Feb 07, 2012

Linda Green

Good Evening, Just a note to say I am estatic about the show, and I am very much in love with the cast. I can hardly wait until the time comes for the next show. I live in Alexandria, Louisiana, and my daughter lives in New Orleans....we can not wait to critique the show, and our thoughts about the next happenings. We love all of you.
Linda Green

Posted at 11:45 on Feb 07, 2012


The cast is fabulous. O'Brien is gorgeous.

Posted at 11:42 on Feb 09, 2012

faith lewis

this is a great relief

Posted at 12:19 on Feb 09, 2012


Amazing! What stunning contrasts...thanks for this.

Posted at 12:31 on Feb 09, 2012


here are some more pics of the cast on and off screen. some BIG surpises!

Posted at 12:40 on Feb 09, 2012


Where is Maria Doyle Kennedy who plays the hateful Vera Bates? She is a beautiful woman!

Posted at 1:14 on Feb 09, 2012


Thanks so much for this. Love the contrasts. Love "Downton".

Posted at 1:21 on Feb 09, 2012

A Single Red Rose

Great cast. And what great "casting". Best show ever of early 1900's.
Wish they had it on seven days a week.

Posted at 1:42 on Feb 09, 2012


Matthew Crawley has gotten better and better looking to me. He's the new Mr. Darcy.

Posted at 1:45 on Feb 09, 2012


I have huge crushes on Mr. Bates and Matthew Crawley--------now I know why!!!!!! Yikes!!!!!!!

Posted at 2:52 on Feb 09, 2012


Love it!!!

Posted at 3:03 on Feb 09, 2012


Great contrasting photos. Thanks so much for sharing with us. Someone already wrote, "Lord Grantham,yum" and I agree with this wholeheartedly! Robert Crawley is a very handsom man but he gets a double "yum" in my book without the beard. With beard he's still handsome, but much like many other bearded handsome men. As Lord Grantham he truly stands out as resounding YUM!

Posted at 3:13 on Feb 09, 2012


love it, love it, love it!!!!!

Posted at 3:17 on Feb 09, 2012

This was terrific...what make up can do eh? I have posted this on my FB page for my pals who also love Downton Abbey! Good stuff. Glad the dog got a photo too...very cute.

Posted at 3:28 on Feb 09, 2012


Love Love!!!

Posted at 3:39 on Feb 09, 2012

Leslie Heintzberger

What an absolute treat. Thanks for this great effort, I really enjoyed the pictures of these amazing people and their characters.

Posted at 4:40 on Feb 09, 2012

Cleo and Bob Cottrell

My husband and I love this series and cannot wait week to week until the next one is on. Thank you all for all the enjoyment you bring us even the sad times in the shows. We are certainly glad you did the second series and maybe the third???

Posted at 5:02 on Feb 09, 2012


Downton addiction

Posted at 5:20 on Feb 09, 2012


Love, LOVE, LOVE this series! and every character in it. Every character in it is loveable and other words, human! World War I changed the British culture drastically...and I'm glad this show makes that so clear.

Posted at 5:30 on Feb 09, 2012


OMG. This is fabulous. I knew they couldn't all look that dowdy! Thanks for sharing this.

Posted at 6:58 on Feb 09, 2012


Oh my goodness! It's so weird to see them in regular clothes!!!!!

Posted at 7:14 on Feb 09, 2012


Wonderful pictures! I have to comment that whenever Isobel Crawley is introduced I half expect someone to say, "Yes, we know who you are," (the response to her "Harriet Jones, Prime Minister," on Doctor Who).

Posted at 7:18 on Feb 09, 2012


Make-up is a wonderful thing.

Posted at 7:35 on Feb 09, 2012


Witht the exception of a few Women, everyone looks like their character would look now...

Posted at 7:36 on Feb 09, 2012



Posted at 7:54 on Feb 09, 2012


Maybe I'll like Thomas more now that I've seen his off-screen photo.

Posted at 9:01 on Feb 09, 2012

Suzy Delman

I enjoyed this so much. Bravo to the hair, make-up and costume designers. And kudos to actors who know how to become one with the character. I am very impressed and LOVE the series.
I wouldn't miss an episode - wouldn't hear of it!

Posted at 9:09 on Feb 09, 2012


L-o-v-e-d these photo-matches!
What fun!


Posted at 10:10 on Feb 09, 2012

kristine ricketts

Wow, some of them look completely different. Especially Rob James Collier and Sarah O'Brien.

Posted at 10:41 on Feb 10, 2012


Enjoyed the pictures so much. Love the show!

Posted at 10:44 on Feb 11, 2012

Susan Stein

WOW! What make-up can do.

Posted at 2:20 on Feb 11, 2012

Virginia Lofft

Great seeing them like this. Wouldn't miss an episode. Congratulations to the entire cast and to Julian Fellowes.

Posted at 3:05 on Feb 11, 2012


OMG! What a terrific display of talent on the part of hairdressers, makeup and costume artists! How very very impressive!

Posted at 7:16 on Feb 11, 2012


I LOVE this show!

Posted at 9:19 on Feb 11, 2012


I would never recognize Thomas out in public, I'm sure!

Posted at 11:29 on Feb 12, 2012


What a talented group! Love the dog pictures. Maggie Smith is wonderful, as usual.

Posted at 12:29 on Feb 12, 2012


For all you Downton Abbey groupies!

Posted at 3:31 on Feb 12, 2012


Wonderful photos! Of course they look so different, especially Miss O'Brien, Siobhan Finneran. Thanks.

Posted at 4:35 on Feb 12, 2012

ben a.

Goes to show what a lie make-up is. Would hate to take Amy Nuttall to bed only to wake up with Ethel, which is what Amy REALLY looks like, after all.

Posted at 8:44 on Feb 12, 2012

Bates with a baby! Thomas with a beard! O'Brien! Mrs. Hughes!

Posted at 10:41 on Feb 13, 2012

Ethel, why am i not surprised?

And, can we talk about how much botox/plastic surgery Elizabeth Mcgovern (Cora) has had?!

Posted at 3:01 on Feb 13, 2012

Lisa Woltz

They all look so different!! But, of course, the most different from her character and real life is O'Brien. LOL -- Love O'Brien!

Posted at 5:08 on Feb 13, 2012

Lily Mystere

And what about the horses?

Posted at 6:15 on Feb 13, 2012


WOW! What a great group of actors!

Posted at 6:47 on Feb 13, 2012


Stylist tip: to minimize chin like a steamer prow, open up a button or two..toussle hair artfully. It sorta, somewhat worked for the poor schmoe playing William

Posted at 12:28 on Feb 14, 2012


Who would have known - or even recognized some of these actors out of costume! As much as I love this show, I do hope it has an end. I'm hoping that the producers/writers/directors don't ruin it by contriving episodes just for the $$. How awful that would be.

Posted at 1:16 on Feb 14, 2012


The truly stunning thing about this photo-set is-not how much better
they look off-screen in casual attire, but how many of them look so much better in their period costume...on screen!
Not all, mind you, but a surprising number of them.

Posted at 2:01 on Feb 14, 2012

syrille rosman

This is GREAT - Many thanks....I will send it on to all my Downton Abbey addicts......we are hooked!

What on earth will we do until Season 3 begins- and when will that be?

Posted at 3:32 on Feb 14, 2012

betsy j

I love seeing these marvelous people in real live. I want the series to go on and on. Thank you

Posted at 8:56 on Feb 14, 2012


This is great!!!
Love all the cast!!! On and off the screen !!!

Posted at 9:57 on Feb 14, 2012

Susan crowley

More Dontown Abbey fun!

Posted at 10:13 on Feb 15, 2012

Great actors, great story, great make-up and costuming......all adds up to a great show. Great TV time.....I'll miss it. Will purchase dvd of series.

Posted at 10:55 on Feb 15, 2012

Beautiful show, love everything about it. Can hardly wait for the next chapter. They are all doing such a fantastic job. We always discuss and predict and in general enjoy every episode. Thanks!

Posted at 10:19 on Feb 17, 2012


Fabulous, fabulous!!! I love everything about this series. Thank you so much for the chance to see the real people who bring these marvelous characters to life. Superb acting; everything!!

Posted at 10:19 on Feb 17, 2012


Fabulous, fabulous!!! I love everything about this series. Thank you so much for the chance to see the real people who bring these marvelous characters to life. Superb acting; everything!!

Posted at 10:24 on Feb 18, 2012

Cheryl Cummer

These are great photos! Love the contrast.

Posted at 8:45 on Feb 18, 2012


You mean these people actually have other lives!!! :)

Posted at 9:41 on Feb 18, 2012

Hats by Pat


Posted at 6:58 on Feb 19, 2012


Very fun.

Posted at 8:04 on Feb 19, 2012

I love this compilation and I just linked to it on my blog! Can't wait for more Downton!

Posted at 1:17 on Feb 20, 2012


Oh, I love Downton Abbey!

Posted at 3:19 on Feb 20, 2012


This show is completely addictive. I love it! Excellent cast!

Posted at 3:54 on Feb 20, 2012


This is MY MOST favorite show of all time! I absolutely adore all of the characters and cannot wait for the 3rd season!!!


Posted at 4:11 on Feb 20, 2012


The biggest surprise was "Thomas". Even though "McBride" is prettier she is still scowling!

Posted at 7:42 on Feb 20, 2012

Nancy Costa

I am so sad that Season Two is over!!! Hurry back Downton Abbey.

New Orleans, Louisiana

Posted at 8:31 on Feb 20, 2012


Who IS the dog's makeup person?! Fantastic!
Seriously, makeup and lights would probably make ALL of us look better or worse, but these photos are humorously amazing and attest to artistic ability to "get the look" that so helps DA be the incredible cast of 33 characters it is. Thanks for this fascinating look!

Posted at 12:49 on Feb 21, 2012

N. Marble

My biggest surprise is Mrs. Patmore. Some really look better in their period hair-dos andmake-up.

Posted at 3:41 on Feb 21, 2012


This is fun....look at Mrs. O"brien. Love this show.

Posted at 4:35 on Feb 21, 2012

Robert Weir

Pretty amazing! Thank you for publicizing.

Posted at 5:37 on Feb 21, 2012


fashions certainly make a difference!

Posted at 6:34 on Feb 21, 2012


This is great to see. Love the show!

Posted at 2:32 on Mar 03, 2012

beulah BB

The best by far miniseries ever, could watch it over and over again and hope it goes on to present day 2012. The photos are amazing so convincing in their roles.

Posted at 1:39 on Mar 05, 2012


Pharaoh is my favorite.

Posted at 3:51 on Mar 07, 2012

cristina greeven

Some of them look better in 1918's garb - especially the Earl, Granny
and Carson. Wow - no wonder there's chemistry between Mr.Bates and Anna.
I don't know what to do with my Sunday nights!

Posted at 1:10 on Mar 08, 2012

M. Stanley

Loved seeing these pictures! I can never pick which character or actor I like the best. Keep up the good work Downton Abby.

Posted at 11:07 on Mar 21, 2012


I am in the middle of Season 2 and can't wait for more Downton Abbey. The characterizations are superb!!! Thanks for the pix.

Brendon Coyle and Dan Stevens are my favs.

Posted at 2:04 on May 28, 2012


Love this series and cannot wait for #3 to arrive!

Posted at 12:18 on Jun 23, 2012


i am sick. how terrible for me to have the bubble burst by seeing the "real" faces of the Downton cast. I feel as if I peaked around the curtain. some things should be left alone. i wish Downton was a real place.

Posted at 5:39 on Aug 31, 2012

sherry charles

what is the name of the book that the series is based on? Who wrote it?