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Christina Tosi is the 29-year-old head pastry chef and mad scientist behind the revolutionary confections found at New York's Momofuku Milk Bar. Upon the November release of her new cookbook, aptly titled Momofuku Milk Bar, Tosi headed out to the West Coast for a road trip-slash-book tour through Los Angeles and San Francisco with her co-chefs and good friends, Leslie and Courtney.

I'm a funny sort of traveler. I get carsick when I ride in cabs, not to mention planesick and trainsick, but I love to travel; always have since I could roam freely as a teenager. I do it on my terms, with a sense of silly and a sense of wonder. Here are some of my tips to having a good time on the road.

1. Traveling with friends -- boyfriends, girlfriends, old friends, new friends -- is key. They help keep you sane, humble, on track and are always there to provide comic relief when you miss your flight, get lost in the rental car lot or just want to stuff your face with In-N-Out burgers.

2. Make a bucket list for each city and find a way to squeeze it all in.
I brought must-sees of each city I wanted to live out in the most dorky, touristy way possible. In L.A.: the Hollywood sign, Conan(!), Sunset Boulevard, Venice Beach. In San Francisco: Lombard Street, Alcatraz, the Golden Gate Bridge. Any downtime from the book tour was spent speeding around, hilariously striking off stops on our list. We did the tourist thing on our time and discovered these silly sights on our own, fresh terms.

3. Upgrade your car
Plead with the clerk to have mercy on your compact car reservation until you get upgraded. We got a sick silver Jeep Wrangler, courtesy of the fly-est rental car clerk ever. It made our trip, and it makes a difference when you're bumping in a set of wheels you feel great in, rather than a dowdy economy-sized car. It's about visiting a new place with a "don't take yourself so seriously" mentality and sense of freedom and youth. Live it up.

4. Don't be cheap and remember to splurge. 
This includes on hotels, valet parking, lunch, dinner, shopping, everything. I was raised to be penny-wise and frugal. We're cooks at heart and live pretty simple lives, but really letting go on a trip takes your experience, memories and tall tales to a whole new level. We stayed in awesome hotels, went out to eat at least three times a day and shopped obscenely.

5. While getting lost, driving around or following star maps, play "That's My Dream House."
Beverly Hills, Bel Air, the Hollywood Hills, all prime places to get nosy, madly possessive and shout, "MINE!"

6. Start a Tumblr blog to document your trip. 
Share it with your friends, family and coworkers before you leave and have them check in on you. Keep it forever like a virtual photo album-diary of your trip. It challenges you to document every great memory. Make it light and squeeze every last thing in, never wasting a minute or an opportunity in a new city. We had a hilarious time with

7. Go out to eat! 
L.A. and San Francisco are great food cities: From Red Medicine to Animal to Son of a Gun to Spago in L.A., to Plum to Commis to Mission Chinese Food in the Bay Area, we were stuffed every night. Bring the kitchen some sweets or a bottle of bourbon; it's the underground way of life in the food industry. The kitchen will hook you up and your meal will be even more memorable. You might even get invited out after dinner for some drinks with the staff or other locals!

8. Reach out to long-lost friends, estranged second cousins or former coworkers that live in whatever city you're visiting.
You'd be surprised how many people love to host a virtual stranger in a new city and give a peek into how the insiders live. You may find yourself getting hopped up on vanilla-frosted bear claws, or singing "Ghostbusters" at a karaoke bar in K-Town in the wee hours of the morning. It somehow makes the new city feel like home.

9. Go away during a major holiday. 
Nothing's better than seeing how another city does it. Halloween can be particularly hilarious. Get dressed up with your travel companions and figure out where the locals go to ring it in.

10. Party to the plane. 
Don't be an old lady or old man. You can sleep while you're dead. Or on your red eye or early morning flight back to the East Coast. We spent our last night having drinks, late night grub, visiting the crashing waves on the Pacific Ocean and driving down Lombard Street for one last time. Savor every moment.

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