Dom Pérignon launched its glow-in-the-dark "Luminous" label last night (ed note: this is a real thing) with a DJ set from recent Paper cover boy Swizz Beatz. Guests included Alan Cumming, Todd Eberle, China Chow, Mick Rock, Hannah Bronfman and Andre Balazs among others. Check out Zac Sebastian's shots from the evening.

Swizz Beatz DJs


Swizz Beatz DJs

Albie Houston,Chelsea Lelyand, Kate Foley, Brandee Brown

Kristian Laliberte, Catrinel Ardeus

Todd Eberle (right)

Brady Corbet, Carlos Quirarte

Alan Cumming

Alan Cumming and friends

Mick Rock and friends

Kristian Laliberte, Emmerson Barth

Hannah Bronfman

Matthew Kennedy, Cole Carter