DJ and man-about-town Josh Madden has been blogging for us as of late and we're pretty pumped that his brother, Joel Madden, is also hopping on the PAPERMAG guest-blogging bandwagon. Here are a bunch of photos and anecdotes from his summer abroad in Europe with Good Charlotte. Thanks for sharing Joel!

I spent the better part of July and early August in Europe on tour with my band Good Charlotte -- we were doing the festival circuit as we do most summers. I usually don't take too many photos but I decided I would try to take pics for this trip and keep a journal of what I got up to. This is what my summer abroad looked like. ENJOY.

Saying goodbye is always hard. On my last day in L.A. before leaving on tour, I always try and take my wife and kids somewhere fun. This was taken on the Ferris Wheel at Santa Monica Pier. Best day ever.


Saying goodbye is always hard. On my last day in L.A. before leaving on tour, I always try and take my wife and kids somewhere fun. This was taken on the Ferris Wheel at Santa Monica Pier. Best day ever.

I like to check out the venues before they fill with people. Everything is peaceful and empty and they're a good place to think. First day. First show. Lets go.

Lots of pre-show photos sent home to my wife. She would tour with me if she could. I think she loves the rock 'n' roll way more than me. Anyway, you get the point. I'm on the road. I wake up. I play shows. I miss my family. It's a vicious cycle. The only thing that eases that pain sometimes is shopping :) Which brings me to the London part of my Euro trip. London is always good to me.

This is Carl, the doorman at the Connaught in London. Very nice hotel. Great location, awesome accommodations, cool underground pool. But Carl is the reason I stay there. He's one of my favorite people in London.

ENTRANCE TO SHIZARU GALLERY, 112 MAYFAIR LONDON. This is a great gallery across from The Connaught hotel. It's owned by two brothers by the name of Khalili. I love my brothers, and I love when I meet brothers who work together. One of the Khalili brothers, Benjamin, was awesome enough to show us all kinds of secret doors and rooms they have under the gallery. This gallery is one of the most beautiful I've ever been to. If you go to London it's well worth seeing.

Shizaru Gallery, London.

Shizaru Gallery, London.

My buddy Mano. So much swag! Mano is a Chicago-based DJ and producer and one of my oldest Chi-town friends. We both had the day off in London, which was random awesomeness. I love this guy. Such a rad dude, and seeing him in London was a highlight on my tour. He's on the road all summer with Kanye so, needless to say, the Chi was in London bigtime while we were there.

Comme des Garçons, Dover Street Market. Another favorite shop of mine in London.

More shopping -- it's pretty much all i do in London. And I love this guy. Rick Owens head, London.

Rick Owens candy, London.

Bikes everywhere. Amsterdam.

More Shopping in Amsterdam. Picked up these sweet kicks.

Budapest, Hungary. I wonder what it would be like to see things like this every single day. Pretty crazy that people do.

I went shopping in Budapest and found this sweet old horse hair top hat from the 40's in an antique store. Pretty sweet find for 20 euros. MINT.

Went to see the Dohany Street Synagogue in Budapest. It's one of the biggest synagogues in the world.

Inside the Dohany Street Synagogue.

In the gift shop at the Dohany Street Synagogue.

Me on the street in Budapest with a statue of a Hungarian police officer.

One of my best friends, Hilary Tisch. She came to London and Budapest with me. Always fun when you have visitors on the road. Hilary owns and designs her own vintage jewelry line called Amulette. She is an awesome friend I was so stoked to spend some Euro time with her.

The whole crew at the Szieget Festival in Budapest, Hungary. Rad night. Big crowd, great catering, and got to hang with La Roux and Kasabian who were both really cool. Good times.

The chandelier at the Foyer of the Four Seasons, Gresham Palace, Budapest.

SELF PORTRAIT: Coffee shop in Berlin. Midtourhomesickmissthewifeandkids blues.

Found a really cool sneaker shop in Berlin Called Solebox.

Jeremy Scott Adidas. Solebox, Berlin. Somewhere right now Lil Wayne is buying matching Flintstones footie pajamas to rock with these.

Showtime. Somewhere in Germany.

SELF PORTRAIT: Post show, Germany. Right back to my Mac.

And the very most important part of my day. iChat with my kiddies. Nothing I could see in any city could ever stoke me more than seeing this.