Remember Brit Marling's name. The 27-year-oldco-wrote, co-produced and starred in twofilms, Another Earth and Sound of My Voiceat Sundance this year. Another Earth, abouta young student (Marling) who kills a familyin a drunk-driving accident but might get ado-over on a parallel planet, is in theaters now.

Since Sundance, you've been hailed as anIt Girl. What do you make of that moniker?
I hate the label It Girl! If you're an It Girl,doesn't that imply you're eventually going tobe the Out Girl? I hope that by virtue ofworking hard and trying to get better and bemore authentic, I can do this work for a verylong time. When I think of the actresses thatinspire me the most--Samantha Morton,Penélope Cruz--they're just women who aredeeply moved by the stories they experience.

Another Earth was made on a crazy lowbudget. Your next film, Arbitrage withRichard Gere and Susan Sarandon, musthave a bigger bankroll. How does theother half live? 
Oh my god, it is so different.Between takes on Another Earth, I was doing[co-star] William [Mapother]'s makeup. You'reworried about production design or "thatbucket of costumes we got from the Goodwill,where is that?" It's kind of totally blissful tohave just one job. 

You were the valedictorian of your class atGeorgetown. Any advice for this year'sgrads? In the moments you feel really afraidof something, run right into it. When I've donethat, I've learned the most about myself andhad the greatest satisfaction.