It used to be that you were only as good as the company you keep. Well, the times they have changed. In this day and age -- and especially in New York -- you're only as good as the company you tweet. Here. we've gathered together the crews of influential, fun and fabulous New Yorkers involved in various fields and scenes, who RT, # and @ each other all the time. Think of them as the online equivalent of the cliques in the cafeteria. Who do you want to sit with?

webmastersfeatthumb.jpgTHE WEB MASTERS

Soraya Darabi
, Jenna Wortham, Mike Karnjanaprakorn, Anthony Volodkin, Alexis Ohanian, and Chrysanthe Tenentes


Douglas Quint, Kate Krader, Marco Canora, Tom Colicchio
, Michele Humes and Kat Kinsman

nightcrawlersfeatthumb.jpgTHE NIGHT CRAWLERS

Lyz Olko, Greg K, Mike Nouveau, Matt Kays, Becka Diamond and Wesley O' Meara

harlemhoneysfeatthumb.jpgTHE HARLEM HONEYS

Amanda Diva
, Emil Wilbekin, Ian Drew, Stan Williams, Bevy Smith

gooftroopfeatthumb.jpgTHE GOOF TROOP

Jenny Slate, Max Silvestri, Joe Mande, Gabe Delahaye, Gabe Liedman, Lindsay Mound

lititcrowdfeatthumb.jpgTHE LIT IT CROWD

Thessaly La Force, Sadie Stein, Emma Straub, Hamish Robertson, Maud Newton

stylestarsfeatthumb.jpgTHE STYLE STARS

Meenal Mistry, Dana Lorenz, Euan Rellie, Daniel Motta Mello, Martin Marks, Matthew Schneier