Papermag's down at SXSW this week, living in the very weird, veryfun HP Mobile Park at Red River and Cesar Chavez St. We're chroniclingall the fun at and, and re-publishing some of the coverage here.

If you've been ambling around Austin these past few days, you mighthave noticed a massive neon sign that reads "CNN Grill SXSW." It'spretty hard to miss. Illuminating the downtown sky, it's a circulardiner-style sign that rotates slowly promising some great thingsinside. And if you're lucky enough to have access (you mostly have toknow someone or be press, but we bet if you're convincing enough, youcan get yourself a day pass) you'll be greeted to a converted wine barthat now hosts chef Danny Meyer's Union Square Hospitality Groupserving up delicious Austin-flavored food for free, all day long. Ontop of that, the place is outfitted with so many screens your eyesmight bleed -- all broadcasting CNN, so you can step out of the hotAustin air and catch up on your news. Outlets line every table, forthose who have to recharge at every pit stop. They've also got a stageset up for interviews that you might catch if you're here at the righttime. If you're just here for the food, the menu's got a wide varietyof tasty delicacies. For starters, we recommend the blue cheese potatochips followed by southern fried chicken with a vanilla milkshake(served with your very own can of Reddi Wip!)

"Power Up, ChowDown" is the running mantra. So don't forget your appetite...or yourcharger. You also might see some celebs floating around the joint -- wecaught Conan O' Brien on his way out. As if perfectly on cue, the entirerestaurant blew a fuse.