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Soraya Darabi
Co-founder, Foodspotting

Just found out I'm a character in a new book about new york social media, God I hope the character is cool and not a major dweeb.

Jenny Wortham
Technology reporter, The New York Times

My brain just exploded: the illo for my Sun column bout social media and the fear of missing out has an ANIMATED GIF

Mike Karnjanaprakorn
Co-founder, Skillshare

Most used words in @skillshare HQ this week: deploy, commit, content, dropbox, push, feature, pixel, class, Catan, Boo, hungry & focus!

Anthony Volodkin
Founder, The Hype Machine

@kn0thing FW doesn't play in the website battle, it's more about shoving to buy a ticket and then shoving to get on a bus :)

Alexis Ohanian
Co-founder, Reddit; founder, Breadpig; head of marketing and PR, Hipmunk

In the bus website battle BolkBus > MegaBus > FungWah (sorry FungWah, the times they are a changing)

Chrysanthe Tenentes
Community manager, Foursquare; co-founder, North Brooklyn Breakfast Club
@jennydeluxe loved this piece. Perfectly encapsulates a new problem with connectedness

Photographed at the Hotel Americano / Makeup and Grooming by Annamarie Tendler